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WATCH: Rep. Gerry Connolly knocks down Trump Sycophant Jim Jordan

Donald Trump has not been in office for over a month. That doesn't mean, however, that the people who enabled him over the past four years will stop now.

Ohio Senator Jim Jordan could be Trump's chief sycophant. Alluding to those obligations, Jordan tried to protect USPS culprit Louis DeJoy during today's hearing. This led to a savage reprimand from Virginia Democrat Gerry Connolly.

Jordan tried to cover DeJoy and remarked, "12,000 (mailboxes) moved by the Obama Administration Postmaster General, but somehow you were the worst. Again under the guise of creating this crazy mess they wanted in connection with voting-related mail-in voting, and you were the guy they started it all with over the summer … you had you as the worst guy on the planet back then and now everything seems so much better. "

Connolly stepped in:

"The point is that Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, launched the idea, endorsed and aided by disruptive changes proposed by a new postmaster general and a compliant board of governors that have actually undermined public confidence in the eligibility of Mail . It wasn't a Democratic tale, it was a Republican tale by the President of the United States and his makers … I did not vote to overthrow an election and I am not being taught by people who have spoken about partisanship. "

Check out a video of the exchange courtesy of The Recount below:

The full Connolly / Jordan exchange:

– The recount (@therecount) February 24, 2021

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