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Pelosi vows we gained't relaxation till the minimal wage is $ 15

Spokesman Pelosi said the House Democrats would not rest and they would not stop until the minimum wage of $ 15 / hour has passed.


According to spokesman Pelosi, House Democrats will not stop and rest until the minimum wage of $ 15 is exceeded.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) February 26, 2021

Spokesman Pelosi said at a press conference before the House passes President Biden's incentive law:

In practice, I am not involved in the US Senate rules. But as for the values, all I can say is that we will not rest until we pass the minimum wage of $ 15. We've been in the battle at 15 for a long time. This is legislation that affects the majority of women. Over 60% of people who earn a minimum wage are women. Many are mothers. And it's so important for us to do this, if it happens when we send it there. We are sending it as a symbol of a difference it will make in the lives of the American people, but not just as a symbol.

But we will stand as a solid proposal if it does not prevail due to the rules of the Senate. But we won't stop. Only when we have exceeded the minimum wage of USD 15.

If the Senate does not implement the minimum wage increase as part of the incentive, there is too much momentum behind the increase for nothing to be done.

Progressives want Senate Democrats to ignore the MP and leave the minimum wage increase in the bill, but that's not a solution.

Even with reconciliation, the Senate Democrats do not have the 51 votes it takes to get them passed.

House Democrats are not going to stop. They will keep fighting for 15 until American workers earn a living wage.

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