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Group Highlight: Resistance is about insulting and repairing our democracy

The January 6 riot, the standout shows from Republican Congressmen (including Senator Bill Cassidy) this week redefine Science means "whatever my fossil fuel supporters want"), government action to drastically restrict voting rights, and other recent events show that the attack on democracy is not specific to the former man's presidency. I asked the community a month ago What's nextNow that our four year struggle to evict Trump has been a success. Over 100 commentators gave answers that were parallel to each other Stay quiet: "Next, We fight like hell to keep such horror from rising again. “Another commenter, ahumbleopinionElaborated: “Our messages must be strong and the teamwork must be flawless to defeat the propaganda machine of white supremacy. We must hold it together against our common enemy. "

The Town Hall Project (THP), one of my volunteer efforts, addresses a fundamental component of democracy – making sure the legislature hears progressive voices. I discovered THP in early 2017 through a social media post linking a federal legislature-planned table to town halls and asked the poster to add one from my disdainful rep, Doug LaMalfa. I knew that voters alerted by LaMalfa might miss City Hall for not publicizing events. I suspect it's an attempt to reach an audience of cheering fans rather than savvy protesters.

When I discovered THP wanted official volunteers to prosecute lawmakers, I did Registered. I was drawn to this project because disability and my unresolved life as a campfire survivor (I'm preparing for my sixth step in 28 months) make it difficult to meet time commitments. If I have to show up at a certain time and on a certain day, I have high flakitude, which discourages me and does not help the organization. For THP, I spend an hour or two every week, whatever the day / time, tracking seven federal lawmakers by reading their social media posts and event pages. If I find out about a town hall or another suitable event, I will report it.

This humble spreadsheet tracking project, run by a few volunteers, quickly catapulted itself into an official organization. Four years later, despite the pandemic changing personal town halls, THP has expanded, tracking over 25,000 town halls and other lawmaker events, and hosting its own personal and virtual town halls.

THP merged with indivisible this week. “The town hall project has revolutionized the way voters work with their representatives over the past four years. (And) indivisible activists have relied on the map and tools of the town hall project from the start. Together we stopped TrumpCare, built the blue wave and now we are repairing our democracy. "said Matt Traldi, General Manager of the Indivisible Project.

THP is essentially a grassroots company. In one Washington Post history Commenting on the start of the project, founder and CEO Nathan Williams remarked, “In my life, I couldn't have persuaded some of these people to make a phone call or knock on a door for some reason (and they) call me now and say: "I have to do something, what should I do?" There is no one to inspire or lead this. It comes off the ground in an amazing organic way. "

I am one of those people who are never persuaded to knock on doors or make calls. So I'm happy to find something politically useful that I can do. My little bit contributes to a crowdsourcing effort that works together to produce a product that is greater than the sum of its parts. Motivating lawmakers to hold public meetings and empowering constituents to express their views is essential to strengthening our democracy.

Another community member, Silent Spring, answered to my question "What's next?" with this activism draft: "Start voting more Democrats, from school council members to city council members to mayors. Follow your congressmen and keep your feet to the fire."

Indivisible Co-Founder Ezra Levin observed"Some lawmakers don't really care what national progressives say, they don't really care what the national media really say, but they care what their constituents say."

Without a system for voters to determine election results, we cannot effectively address issues such as climate change, health care, voting rights, white supremacy, police violence and immigration. Make sure your voice is heard, and as Silent Spring says, “Pick a cause or two. Hop in. "

11 Saved Stories from 4 p.m. EST Friday, February 19 through 4 p.m. EST Friday, February 26, 2021

Community Spotlight's Rescue Rangers read every story published by community writers. When we discover great work that doesn't get the attention it deserves, we save ours Group blog and publish a weekly collection every Saturday – like this one. Rescue priorities and measures were outlined in a previous edition: Community Spotlight: Saving your excellent stories for over 14 years.


Last week we saved parts two and three of a series. Part 1 of this new member "examined the metrics that measure the health of the municipal water system". in the Broken pipes, burst pipes and the American water crisis, Pt. 2: Dangers in the pipeline, Shackman333 analyzes two case studies from Milwaukee and Flint that show how poor infrastructure decisions can affect the health of residents who depend on their supplies to maintain safe water resources. The Milwaukee study shows how sewage can contaminate drinking water, while Flint reports how inadequate treatment allows a water-borne pathogen to persist. In Milwaukee, the official story said: "The agricultural runoff, combined with a perfect windstorm and sudden thaw, brought cysts of Cryptosporidium into the city's water supply." “Genomic testing of the Cryptosporidium parasites present … however, revealed that farm animals were not the source of the outbreak. The Milwaukee crypto had a human source. An unthinkable infrastructure factor led to the contamination of the drinking water supply with human waste. “Shackman333 joined us last week and wrote three stories.

Lead us further through the unlit and damp passages that are water pipes Broken Pipes, Broken Pipes, and the American Water Crisis, Pt. 3: A Better Way Shackman333 first offers a brief history of ancient water systems: Sumerians used clay; Minoans, terracotta. The Egyptians preferred copper, and the Romans, they knew, lead. The story deals in detail with the development of water pipes in the USA: wooden pipes first in Boston; Then, about 175 years later, Philadelphia began using cast iron. The author then follows the evolution of iron pipes, their problems and how the use of plastics slowly changes underground pipelines.

US Energy Grid 101 by Nancy Groutsis examines another aspect of the failing infrastructure crisis in the US. The entire contiguous US and most of Canada – with the exception of Texas – are supplied by two huge power grid zones. The very large extent of the western and eastern connections makes it possible to provide reliable electricity at fairly good prices for everyone. By choosing to go it alone, Texas has given energy companies priority over its citizens. The author suggests that the recent crisis could become a wake-up call to changes at the state level. “The Texas problem concerns laws because laws are the reason Texas lost power and its residents were asked to pay astronomical energy bills. If they had different laws dictating that they be connected to the eastern or western connections, they could have got a lot more energy and avoided a lot of pain. “Nancy Groutsis joined in 2014 and has written 33 stories; This is her first rescue.


Contemporary Fiction Views: Watch Out by Book girl Reviews Yu Miri Tokyo Ueno Station, the winner of the National Book Award for Translated Fiction. The novel “examines the life of a homeless man, Kazu. After years of being one of the homeless residents tossed back and forth by the government in one of Tokyo's largest parks, he's now a ghost who listens to others who still exist in their tents and thrown-away shelters. " Bookgirl found that, "as with much of the translated Japanese fiction I've read, the calm tone in this novel brilliantly illuminates quiet moments." Since joining in 2008, Bookgirl has written 251 stories, 95 of which have been saved.

Top comments: Flerovium and the island of stability by gizmo59 gives an interesting insight into the world of chemistry through student interaction. One of the author's students who had problems with the question of identifying and naming elements in a group, kept giving the wrong answer. "The problem? She included Flerovium On the list. "Gizmo59 researched it and learned that Flerovium is a newly discovered superheavy radioactive element that aims to explore a chemical concept called the" island of stability. "This is part of a theory" that somewhere among the superheavy elements, the radioactive lifetimes would get longer, potentially resulting in a stable super-heavy element at some point. "Gizmo59 joined in 2006 and has written 452 stories, so this is likely not his first rescue.

We all know that a certain Congressman from a heavily roving district in Georgia is an ignorant fanatic who relies on a nonsensical "trust science" statement regarding gender assignment. Captain Frogbert uses this as an introduction to current science related to gender in MTG LARP's Twitter troll on the walls of the congress attacks children and describes himself as scientifically illiterate. Since 1990, studies of a specific gene and biological transformations during pregnancy have disregarded the old belief that "sex is defined by XX and XY chromosomes". Equally important is that many of the earlier ideas about gender, such as brain regions and hormone levels, are no longer predictors of gender. In social terms, gender is no longer viewed as a purely binary matter, and the growing body of research supports this position, reaffirming that "reality is always far more complex than the simple dichotomous rationalizations of conservatives would lead us to believe". Captain Frogbert joined in 2005 and has written 108 stories, eight of which were saved.

Mob violence

Mrok envisions a roundtable discussion in the afterlife Nat Turner has thoughts on how to determine if your insurrection is, in fact, an insurrection that knows nothing. Nat Turner, John Brown, Shields Greene and William Poole ("Bill the Butcher" from New York know nothing about riots and stupid things) discuss the differences between riots and stupid riots with a guest appearance by Frederick Douglass. Regarding the January 6 trial at the Capitol, Brown claims that the white-privileged rioters "… were right about the lack of resistance. St. Peter, on the other hand, won't be amused by this shit because" everyone is Immediately created & # 39; is the most highly dangerous and essential part of the US Constitution. We argued about it in the 19th century and we still fight about it in the 21st century. "Mrok joined last fall and has written 20 stories. This is her first rescue.

Personal stories

Abluerippleinohio reminds of school class experiences in Couldn't we have a negative attitude towards Black History Month, please? “I remember telling a young man not to do a book review of Malcolm X because Malcolm X was a“ divisive punk. ”The young man challenged his thinking and asked him why he said such a thing. Within For 10 minutes the teacher kicked his challenger out of the classroom and sent him to the headmaster's office to call his mother. Unfortunately the headmaster saw nothing racist coming out of this teacher. This teacher gave an instruction to the students; find "decent blacks the one." Write Book Review ". Abluerippleinohio joined in 2018 and has written 223 stories, one of which was saved.

I get my second vaccine shot follows on Modems previously saved story about the first shot. The author describes their side effects from the first shot and what it was like to get the second, making a clear note of who was vaccinated in one of Kansas City's most vaccinated zip codes. “As with my first time, almost everyone in line had either gray or no hair and (was) white. This time I saw next to no medical workers. “MoDem joined in 2003 and has written 164 stories. We also saved their previous vaccination history.

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