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After freezing his personal individuals, Greg Abbott is lifting the masks mandate so all Texans can get COVID

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) has shown that there is no limit to how far Republicans will go to kill people by lifting the Texas mask mandate.

The AP reported:

The repealed rules include lifting the limit on the number of diners or customers allowed indoors, said Abbott, who made the announcement at a Lubbock restaurant. He said the new rules would go into effect on March 10, although leaders in Houston and other major cities in Texas have already responded with alarm.

"Removing statewide mandates does not end personal responsibility," Abbott said from the crowded dining room, where many of those around him did not wear masks.

"It's just that government mandates are no longer needed," he said.

While experts warn of virus variants and the possible increase in COVID cases that could accompany them, Greg Abbott encourages every person in his state to get the coronavirus. Within a month or two there will likely be a wave of stories about how the coronavirus is rising in Texas.

First, the Abbott and Texas Republicans tried to freeze millions of their own people to death by refusing to prepare their electrical networks for freezing temperatures. Then they encouraged people to get COVID by raising the safety requirements.

Texas is a living example of the Republican effort to use the government to kill.

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