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Eric Swalwell recordsdata the second main lawsuit towards Trump, allies for inciting the lethal siege of the Capitol

Swalwell, who was in the House of Representatives on January 6 and later served as impeachment manager, accuses the defendants of the attack on the Capitol through their repeated claims that the election was stolen, their demand for supporters to attend the rally, and for having instigated their specific reasons, encouraging those in the congregation to march to the Capitol and commit violence.

"Trump directly instigated the violence in the following Capitol and then observed with approval how the building was overrun," says the lawsuit. "The terrible events of January 6th were a direct and predictable consequence of the defendants' unlawful acts. As such, the defendants are responsible for the following injuries and destruction."

Trump told rally participants to "show strength" and "fight like hell" and then instructed them to "walk down Pennsylvania Avenue" while falsely telling his supporters he would march with them to the Capitol.

Brooks told the rallyers, "Today is the day American patriots start jotting down names and kicking their asses."

As you know, Giuliani declared: "Let's fight in court!" – an indication of the settlement of disputes through a personal battle between two opposing sides.

Of course, Don Jr. offered rally goers the darkest slogan of all, but also literally threatened anyone who didn't act. "You can be a hero or you can be a zero," he said at the rally. "If you want to be the zero and not the hero, we'll come for you and we'll have a good time with it." Nice gesture.

The lawsuit alleges, "In short, the defendants convinced the mob that something had happened that – if it was indeed true – could indeed justify violence, and then sent the mob to the Capitol with violent calls for immediate action. "

The defendants are all named for their personal abilities, which forces them to hire private lawyers and prevents them from hiding behind their public offices. As CNN notes, if either of the two lawsuits continues, Trump and his allies would have to go through the discovery process and succumb – all of which could provide new evidence of their personal involvement in the event.

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