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Senate Adopts Biden's American Rescue Plan With Zero Republican Help

President Joe Biden's popular American rescue plan was passed by the US Senate 50-49 on Saturday, without the Republican side of the Ganges voting in favor.

Alaska GOP Senator Dan Sullivan had to leave town due to a family emergency, leaving only 49 Republicans standing for the final vote. This eliminated the need for Vice President Kamala Harris to have a tie.

Joe Biden's American rescue plan passed the US Senate by 50-49 votes without a single Republican vote.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) March 6, 2021

While all of the GOP Senators agreed to help their own constituents in the midst of a public health and economic crisis, the Democrats stood together and voted for the legislation.

The bill is now being sent back to the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, where it will likely be passed before it eventually lands on Biden's desk for approval.

The passage of the American bailout would be a massive political and substantial victory for Biden and Democrats, who committed during the campaign to pass a meaningful COVID relief package to help millions of Americans in battle.

Elections have consequences

It's easy to get frustrated with the legislative process, especially when people like Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) temporarily step on the bill to cut some of the relief efforts.

But the fact that a $ 1.9 trillion COVID rescue package is about to be sent to the president's desk is, to say the least, a big damn thing.

It also underscores the importance of elections. Had the Democrats not stunned the political world and won two runoff elections to the Senate in Georgia earlier this year, Biden's bailout plan would have been dead when he arrived.

Thanks to the democratic victories in Georgia, millions of Americans are now on the verge of receiving much-needed aid.

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