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Biden marks Worldwide Ladies's Day with orders to reverse a few of Trump's gender-based hurt

The Council will examine the intersections of gender and race in a “state-wide approach” to gender equality, sexual harassment, gender-based violence, family welfare and structural barriers to women's participation in the US and worldwide.

Another major move by Biden on International Women's Day targets a key Betsy DeVos policy regarding on campus sexual assault. DeVos had dramatically expanded protection for accused sexual assailants and given them the right to personally interrogate their alleged victims. The DeVos Rules also tightened the definition of criminal sexual misconduct to include "undesirable behavior that is classified by a sane person as so serious, ubiquitous, and objectively offensive that it effectively denies a person equal access to an educational program or school activity," "School Benefits of Conditioning Education for Employees Participating in Unwanted Sexual Behavior" or "Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Stalking".

In a nutshell, DeVos has put in place a policy that says a victim of sexual harassment or assault can only hope for college or university action if they experience something severe enough to be guaranteed to scare them lifelong, and then before trial The deck has been stacked in favor of their assailant or molester who would be given the opportunity to revive them as part of the official process. Biden is taking the first step to reverse this. Although DeVos put it in an official regulation, it will take significant time and effort to fix.

Biden will sign an executive order, reports the Post: "Administrative officials directed the Education Department to assess whether the DeVos Regulation was "in compliance with" the Biden administration's guidelines and requested a full review of the department's guidelines to ensure they met the administrative guidelines to be "Education Free From sexual violence. "

Biden will also address International Women's Day in White House remarks. Vice-President Kamala Harris will address the European Parliament.

"As we endure the pandemic, economic instability, racial injustice, threats to democracy and the effects of climate change, the question before us is simple: How do we build a world that works for women?" she will say after prepared remarks. "I believe we need to keep women safe at home and in every community," it said. This is not just an act of goodwill. This is a sign of strength. If we build a world that works for women, our nations will all be safer, stronger, and more successful. "

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