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"We’re human": Sturdy phrases from the protection of Mexican juror Chauvin argued that they weren’t competent sufficient

A judge initially ruled that the third degree murder charges in the case should be dismissed, but the state won an appeal that opened for trial Judge Peter Cahill reconsider the charge. However, Chauvin's attorney announced in court on Monday that he would take the matter before the court Minnesota Supreme Court, much to Prosecutor Matthew Frank's surprise. "We won't know exactly how high the charge is if we choose the jury now," Frank said in court. "So this court would be making jury rulings for a trial that we don't yet know exactly how much the charge will be. And that danger clearly cannot arise once it's warranted."

Cahill eventually joined the defense and decided to continue the process. However, he allowed the state one day to file his motion with an appeals court to overturn Cahill's decision. "Unless the appeals court tells me we'll move on," Cahill told lawyers, according to ABC News.

On Tuesday that move came in the form of a court hearing of his first potential juror, a Mother of three, originally from Mexico, reported the Associated Press. Chauvin's attorney, Eric Nelson, first tried to have the woman removed because he was not convinced of her English, the intelligence service reported. When that didn't work, he used one of 15 assigned challenges to fire her for no reason. The woman had described chauvin sticking to Floyd's neck as "not fair" even after he said he couldn't breathe. She added, "We are human." After Chauvin's defense also ruled out a Hispanic as a potential juror, the court allowed the first elected juror to be a chemist who advocates and believes in community policing "All lives are equally important," USA Today reported.

No wonder Reid admitted she was "cynical" about the court's ability to resolve cases like this. George Floyd's brother, Philonise Floyd, who appeared on their show with Crump, said it was like Chauvin was trying to kill George. Philonise cited a moment in custody as an example when an emergency worker tried to help. The police would not allow the help, said Philonise. "And my brother was lying face down on his stomach, blood was dripping from his nose," said Philonise, "and he said firmly that he couldn't breathe, and the officer didn't care. Nobody cared." A firefighter who asked officers to check George Floyd's pulse on the spot is allowed to testify at Chauvin's trial, the AP reported.


George Floyd's brother Philonise and I spoke to Joy Reid on @MSNBC about the Derek Chauvin Trial and our hope that judge selection would reflect changing American attitudes with reforms to the criminal justice system!

– Ben Crump (@AttorneyCrump) March 9, 2021

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