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Trump Jr. claims there isn’t a “higher image” than Biden's canine biting an worker to declare his presidency

Donald Trump Jr. claimed there was no “better picture” than President Joe Biden's dog biting a White House employee, becoming the youngest right-wing figure to criticize the President for the incident.

Can anyone come up with a better picture to explain the Biden presidency than their dog assaulting a federal law enforcement officer? Here are my thoughts !!! Watch and RT.

– Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) March 12, 2021

But the incident itself was "minor," reporters have confirmed.

New information on what happened to @ POTUS dog major, according to intelligence officials:

The hand of a great agent at WH. The injury was "extremely minor". No skin puncture. No bleeding. The agent continued his duties, all per officer.

– Sean Sullivan (@WaPoSean) March 10, 2021

Major Biden Update: A Secret Service official tells me the dog "pinched" an agent's hand and "no skin was broken". This source describes it as "an extremely minor injury".
The agent continued working yesterday after the incident and has continued to work ever since.

– Kristen Welker (@kwelkernbc) March 10, 2021

“Major is a rescue dog. These dogs have typically had tough lives and trauma. A nip is a warning. It's not ideal, but as the Secret Service has suggested, it's not a big deal, "PoliticusUSA's Jason Easley wrote earlier this week, noting that it was little more than a diversion from Biden's legislative achievements and the recent Capitol uprising .

“Donald Trump is trying to overthrow the government, possibly injuring or killing it, and Republicans immediately shrugged and walked on as if nothing had happened. A president's dog suffocates an intelligence agent, and Republicans decide this is the biggest crime against America since 9/11, ”he added.

Biden's dogs have been temporarily taken to his Delaware home but will soon be returning to the White House.

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