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Anderson Cooper: If Trump's principal feat is creating vaccines, why isn't he selling them?

The first two months of Joe Biden's presidency have gone pretty well. He was able to pass a massive stimulus package that is already putting money in American pockets. And millions of people are vaccinated every day.

Americans appreciated Biden's accomplishment as his approval rating is now over 60%. One can only imagine Donald Trump stewing. That was made clear this weekend when Trump issued a statement calling for recognition of vaccine development.

Even so, Trump hasn't pushed his followers to get vaccinated despite wanting credit. Anderson Cooper evoked this hypocrisy during his Monday night show.

The CNN host began: "The former president sought to expedite testing and production, and recently called for national gratitude for the speedy delivery of what he calls "this beautiful shot." He was the one who once seemed to see even the public health purpose of someone like him, being vaccinated or not as the situation requires. "

Cooper continued, “To get to the point, he was vaccinated. He secretly did it in front of the camera. Which is pretty remarkable considering how willing he has always been to weigh anything, but especially his accomplishments, which it actually is. "

"Donald J. Trump actually vaccinated his followers against science," says @andersoncooper, #KeepingThemHonest.

"Towards the end he even said the quiet part out loud and made it clear that this was not a pandemic at all, just politics."

– Anderson Cooper 360 ° (@ AC360) March 16, 2021

The host concluded, "There is reason to doubt the former president's effectiveness as a spokesman for vaccination. That is the same reason his supporters are now skeptical of COVID. Throughout the outbreak, he politicized public health. Whether it was bad to wear a mask, make fun of social distancing, or advertise quacks. In fact, Donald J. Trump has vaccinated his followers against science. "

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