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Kevin McCarthy, chief of the Republican minority, went to the border to lie

"Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Chairman of the Minority House of Representatives, spoke to El Paso on Monday about border officials he met that day issuing dire warnings that suspected terrorists are attempting to enter the US through Mexico "reported the Washington Post. "You talked about, 'You're on the list,'" claims Kevin. "The Terrorist Watch List." He claimed, "You saw it in her eyes."

It's really Oscar season because I haven't seen a drama like this since The Notebook. The problem is, there are many reasons to believe that Kevin is full of shit. "I have the same security clearance as you, ”Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego, a military veteran and member of the House Armed Services Committee, tweeted at McCarthy. "Can you run a classified briefing in your office for members to see where this information came from?"

MSNBC's Steve Benen had a great recap which was more than generous in pointing out that McCarthy may be privy to some classified information as a member of the Gang of Eight. At the same time, Kevin was “not referring to a briefing or classified intelligence service; He said he spoke to border officials who allegedly told him about arrested members of the terrorist watch list. “Even Customs and Border Guard themselves hadn't said anything remotely similar to what Kevin said, and you know they'd love any excuse to expand their bloated agency.


In the last nine months of Trump's presidency, there has been a 690% increase in unaccompanied minors CBP encountered.

Under President Biden there has been a 61% increase.

Why haven't we heard a peep from you until now?

– Julián Castro (@JulianCastro) March 16, 2021

Similarly, Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Texas) said she was at her recent meetings with border guards she didn't hear either Evidence of terrorist suspects caught at the border, ”Benen continued. If there is one member of Congress who should be the go-to resource on border and immigration issues, it is Veronica Escobar who criticized McCarthy's visit as a stunt and criticized him for using her community as a prop. She actually offered to introduce him to the locals who could educate him about what was really going on at the border. It was an offer that, unsurprisingly, he refused to accept.

"I also invite you to visit the lawyers and attorneys who have worked with the immigrant community to provide humanitarian aid to asylum seekers in order to better understand the humanitarian perspective," her March 11 letter told him. "If we are to work on a meaningful border and immigration policy, it is important to see the big picture. My office would like to help set up a meeting with lawyers."

Escobar also held a press conference Monday to clarify the local reality and come up with ideas from the Hispanic Caucus of Congress to help the unaccompanied children now admitted to the US by the Biden administration after being admitted to the US by the previous one Government, but unfortunately it has got a fraction of the media coverage from McCarthy's theaters. It's also not that Escobar's presser was inaccessible to her because she tweeted the zoom link.


Escobar says the proposal that terrorists come through the s The border has long been used to militarize their community on the premise that it was a dangerous place.

– Tanvi (@ Tanvim) March 15, 2021


She also said there was talk of looking for alternatives for foster families. She said they were discussing licensed nursing and medical workers and oversight to ensure children are handed over to families as soon as possible.

– Tanvi (@ Tanvim) March 15, 2021

Proponents like the Border Network for Human Rights repeated Escobar's words. "After all, Rep. McCarthy and the other Republican delegates don't really care about these children and families. They are just farmers in a political power game that has repeatedly led to violence and heartbreak for border communities, ”the organization said in a statement received by Daily Kos. The organization also confirmed that McCarthy and his delegation failed to reach key stakeholders.

"The real crisis we are experiencing is a moral and political crisis caused by the failure of our lawmakers to adopt comprehensive and equitable immigration reform over the past decade," the organization continued. “Seeking asylum is a legal right, and under US law, asylum seekers can stay in the US while their case is pending. It is irresponsible to deny children and families this right, as well as their dignity and access to basic resources and institutional support. "

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