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Democrats unveil Voter Empowerment Act, written by the late John Lewis

House and Senate Democrats introduced the Voter Empowerment Act, a law drafted by the late Rep. John Lewis.

The bill introduced in the House of Representatives and Senate by the US majority whip James E. Clyburn, Congressman Nikema Williams, Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Reverend Raphael Warnock guarantees all Americans equal access to the ballot and protects the right to vote.

Here are the features of the bill:

Ensure access to the voting slip

– Modernization of the voter registration system
– Ensure access to online voter registration
– Make sure the ballots of Americans serving in the military or overseas are counted
– Allow registration on the same day
– Notify voters when voting changes are made
– Encourage the youth to become voters
– Support for voters with disabilities
– Restoring the right to vote for the rehabilitated citizens

Maintaining integrity in voting systems

– Provision of informed and reliable election workers
– Count all preliminary ballots
– Prohibit the cage of voters
– Protect voters from fraudulent practices and intimidation

Demand accountability in the election administration

– Create a national voter hotline
– Make sure the votes are counted correctly
– Authorization of the Election Support Commission

"The late Congressman John Lewis almost gave his life to secure the right to vote, and I am determined to honor his legacy and uphold our democracy," said Whip Clyburn. “So I'm proud to be introducing the Voter Empowerment Act with Congressman Williams and Senators Gillibrand and Warnock. This bill will strengthen the much-needed ballot box protection in this country. As lawmakers, it is our responsibility to ensure that all eligible Americans have the right to cast a ballot, which will be counted and have their votes heard. "

The voting laws will be the trigger for the filibuster reform. Senate Majority Leader Schumer intends to introduce the Senate People's Bill so that Republicans can block it. This will prove to all members of the caucus that the Republicans will not work with Democrats on anything, so the filibuster needs to be changed.

“The right to vote safeguards every right in our democracy, and the Voter Empowerment Act, originally written by my parishioner and mentor John Lewis, is one of the most important steps we can take to expand ballot access and people Protect are able to have their voices heard, ”said Senator Reverend Warnock. “Especially after the numerous proposals to suppress voters that are being passed in Georgia and being offered nationwide, this critical legislation will make it easier for people to vote and is essential to ensure that our democracy comes from the people and works for the people. I am proud to work with Senator Gillibrand, Chairman Clyburn and Rep. Williams to honor our hero's legacy by working to get this legislation across the finish line. "

Although Rep. Lewis is no longer with us, his struggle for the right to vote and his legislative presence in the Democratic Party live on.

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