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Watch the LAPD officer admit he didn't know who he was being known as to. He selected the subsequent black man

Gill, who represents both Austin and Michlewicz, charged the city with unlawful seizure, excessive force, failure to intervene, two cases of battery and two cases of negligence in the lawsuit. In the lawsuit, he also alleged that Austin's race was "a major motivational factor in discriminating against the city" and that the defendants intend to deprive Austin of "its interests which are protected by the right to be free from such conduct" .

The attorney wrote in the lawsuit that Katarina Richardson, the woman who called police to report an injunction violation on her ex-boyfriend, came outside at one point of the encounter and told officers Austin was not the perpetrator, but the police continued, "Use force against Mr. Austin." The officers involved in the incident were not identified publicly or in the lawsuit. They are referred to as "Does" in the lawsuit.

The video opens with officials admitting they weren't sure Austin was the man charged with domestic violence by the producer's neighbor. "That guy?" one of the officers asked as their car drove past Austin. "Probably," replied another policeman. As the officers got out of the car, Austin could be seen pulling out the trash. "Turn around for me," one of the policemen said to him. When Austin asked why, the officer replied, "Because I told you." Despite the producer's explanation that he lived there and the official's further admission that "I don't know who I'm looking for," Austin told the Los Angeles Times that he was thrown against a wall when he was arrested made his girlfriend bloody. Michlewicz was initially inside when the officers arrived, but came outside in her robe to ask the officers why they had handcuffed Austin according to the lawsuit. "When an officer tried to put Mr. Austin in a stranglehold, Mrs. Michlewicz put her hand on his hand and asked him to stop," explained a suitably dressed attorney in the middle of the street, undressing her.

"Then more police officers arrived on the scene and attacked Mr. Austin and twisted his arms in painful positions."

Michlewicz could be heard in a video in which he said: "I just went down." Austin yelled her name and called for "help" in the footage. "I just want justice to be served," he said later Los Angeles times.

Warning: The following video may be triggering for some viewers and contains police violence and profanity.

Gill stated in the lawsuit:

During the incident on May 24, 2019, at around 3:00 p.m., LAPD officials continuously attacked Mr. Austin, terrifying him and his girlfriend of bodily harm. They attacked Ms. Michlewicz and made her and her boyfriend's safety very worried, while putting Ms. Michlewicz under severe emotional distress by attacking and undressing her loved one and leaving her naked in public in broad daylight.

Police then transported Mr. Austin and Ms. Michlewicz to the Hollywood Police Station, where they were placed in a cell, while officers left Mr. Austinbleeding exposing them to abuse and ridicule in the incident.

Mr. Austin and Ms. Michlewicz were detained for hours until they were released on bail at around 3 a.m. the next morning. "

Gill is seeking at least $ 2 million in damages for general, statutory, and special damages for its customers.

Read journalist Jasmyne Cannick's transcript of the 911 officers who found Richardson:

Operator: 911 emergency. Operator 493.

Caller: Hello. Yes, I have a suspect who I actually have an injunction against.

Operator: And is he at your home right now?

Caller: Um, I think it is. Um, he's down the street.

Operator: Are you in the house

Caller: No.

Operator: What is the address?

Caller: The address is from Fat Sal?

Operator: But you don't know what the real address is?

Operator: Hello?

Operator: Are you still there?

Operator: Ma & # 39; am, are you still there?

Caller: Incomprehensible

Operator: I am sorry?

Caller: I'm going to come to the police station now.

Operator: Where are they?

Caller: Incomprehensible

Operator: What is the address you think this person is at?

Caller: From Fat Sal.

Operator: You don't know the address there or the …

Caller: No.

Operator: -Overlap?

Caller: No.

Operator: Can you tell me what address you are at?

Caller: Um, in a car.

Operator: Can you give me an intersection or an address where you are?

Caller: I think it's okay, I'm just getting into the ward.

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