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Mitch McConnell blows a seal about Biden, probably including extra Supreme Court docket justices

Senate Minority Chairman Mitch McConnell had the courage to accuse President Biden of the trial when he lost it over the President who may add more SCOTUS judges.

Here is McConnell's full statement:

This new trial commission is not a serious lynchpin for the Democrats' political attacks on the court. It is just an attempt to disguise these attacks in false legitimacy.

My full statement:

– Leader McConnell (@LeaderMcConnell) April 9, 2021

McConnell said in part, "So anyone who was surprised by the formation of a commission to pack the Supreme Court just wasn't paying attention. This faux-academic study of a non-existent problem fits right in with the Liberals' longstanding campaign to politicize the Court to intimidate its members and undermine its independence. This is not a new, serious or sober departure from the Democrats' political attacks on the Court. It is just an attempt to disguise these ongoing attacks in false legitimacy. It is disappointing to everyone whether liberal or conservative, would believe this attack by participating in the commission. "

It's like Mitch McConnell doesn't think the American people will notice that he spent the entire Trump administration filling the courts with partisans to politicize the judiciary.

Setting up a commission to investigate the enlargement of the Supreme Court was one of the more moderate steps President Biden could have taken. Biden has not taken office and has announced plans to add three or four more justices to the Supreme Court, but the fact that that is being considered is enough to scare Mitch McConnell because, thanks to changes in filibuster rules, Democrats could be expand the Supreme Court with zero Republican votes.

Senator McConnell watches the Democrats thwart his obstructive tactics and threatens to reverse his attack on the judiciary. Anything Mitch McConnell did to the country could be wiped away by Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress.

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