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"Possibly it's a food regimen," says the director, that white youngsters are fed earlier than black youngsters

"They skipped all black kids, it seemed," Adryan McCauley told CBS News. "All white children got their lunch and all black children had to wait," McCauley continued. "We are just utterly disturbed by the videos and pictures we saw today."

McCauley and his wife took a screenshot of what they saw and confronted the staff that a director allegedly said, "I'm not sure because I'm not in the classroom, maybe it's a diet thing," McCauley said .

That explanation was clearly not enough or made no sense. The family then shared the story and screenshot on their social media accounts. Her contribution sparked an immediate backlash with individuals questioning the intent of the daycare center and pointing out other parents to their children in the picture. As a result, David Vinson, President and CEO of Kids & # 39; R & # 39; Kids, issued a statement apologizing for not showing the entire video. Vinson shared that too The company would cut ties with the Roswell office but did not explain why or what had happened in the incident. "Unfortunately, perception is reality, and with abandonment culture, unfortunately, it's perception," Vinson said.

In essence, the CEO of Kids & # 39; R & # 39; Kids pointed out that “Cancel Culture” was the reason they disconnected from the daycare center, arguing that the full reality could not be known as only part of the video was shared. But if the problem is that the video is not being fully seen, why didn't the company share all of the footage or explain what happened in the incident to counter claims that racism was practiced?

It seems dodgy that the question of why black kids were supposedly served last is being ignored and the focus is on the shared screenshot. In a statement to CBS News, the daycare center said, “We know the plot was random and the photo doesn't show the entire room. We believe if parents saw the videos they would understand. I wish they could see the compassion we have. "

After people asked what the actual footage was, kids & # 39; R & # 39; apologized. Kids finally join the family and issued a statement saying that they would use the incident as a training tool. Vinson added that the incident was "disruptive" and further investigation prompted the company to terminate the franchise agreement with the building. The company also promised to "help all displaced families find preschool options in their respective areas".

Prior to the public outrage, the company did not seem to feel it needed to fully address parents' concerns. This incident sheds light on the ongoing injustices black people are tacitly facing in the United States. The full video has not yet been released and an explanation of why or what happened is also missing. In any case, what happened is wrong and not just an incident of racism but also of child abuse. Food should not be used as an instrument of power and control, especially against children. Day care should focus on the growth of all children who do not uphold racist ideologies. If the McCauley family hadn't seen the footage, who knows how long this abuse would continue. America has to do better to address its racist ideology.

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