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The Biden Justice Division has refused to reveal sure household separation paperwork

Julia Ainsley and Jacob Soboroff report for NBC News that the Biden administration attorneys said, "

Ainsley and Soboroff had reported last year that Miller, angry that the breakups were going too slowly, got officials to vote by show of hands to plow through the plan. "The Trump administration denied that such a meeting or vote took place, ”Ainsley and Soboroff reported earlier this month. Lawyers representing families might know more about this meeting, but documents related to it are among the items the Biden government has stated will not be disclosed to them.

NBC News reports: “

This decision by the Biden government comes from the fact that hundreds of deported parents have not yet been found and newly identified files could point to a number of previously unknown separations on the southern border by the previous government.

"We now believe that there could have been a breakup in the first six months of the Trump administration, and we applaud the task force for agreeing to look into cases during that period," said the Immigrants & # 39; 39; American Civil Liberties Union's Rights Project Deputy Director Lee Learned told NBC News. "Regardless of whether the task force finds one or more additional separations, it is important that every final child is cruelly taken from their parents by our government."

And that officials who carried out these horrific separations will be held accountable. President Biden as a candidate had criticized ongoing breakups as "criminal". El Paso Rep. Veronica Escobar recently told The interception that Miller "should be behind bars". She said during the interview that "He has committed heinous human rights abuses, and I think those around him who helped plan this should also be held accountable. "

"The Trump administration's zero-tolerance policy has devastated thousands of families," tweeted Noah Bookbinder, President of the Government Guard Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. "It is disheartening when the Justice Department is now trying to protect important documents from the public. The American people – and especially the torn families – deserve answers.

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