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Twitter customers rapidly determine a drill sergeant harassing a black man in a viral video – and his CO noticed it too


The Twitter FBI is back. An army sergeant went viral after Twitter users identified him as a racist threatening and molesting a black man roaming his own neighborhood. Users identified 42-year-old Sgt. Jonathan Pentland 1st Class, who lives in Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina, as the racist in question after a report posted a video of a white man molesting a young black man who does not was provoked.

"Twitter, I was told that this Super-Douche lives at The Summit in Columbia, South Carolina. If you recognize him, please contact me. I want to make sure the name I have is correct, before I post it on social media. ”Twitter user @Angry_Staffer Posted next to the video.

The short video shows Pentland confronting a black man identified as Deandre for just walking down the street. Deandre remains calm throughout the video when Pentland yells at him to go and threaten him physically. Despite Deandre declaring he lives in the area, Pentland gets physical and pushes Deandre. "You can go away or I'll carry your ass out of here," Pentland said.


Twitter, I was told that this super douche lives at The Summit in Columbia, South Carolina. If you recognize him, please contact me. I want to make sure the name I have is correct before I post it on social media.

– Angry Staffer (@Angry_Staffer) April 13, 2021

At some point, Pentland's wife even interferes and calls Deandre the "attacker". He claims he spent "15 minutes" standing instead of walking, as he said. She accused him of "acting like a child" and arguing with neighbors. Deandre is heard to explain that he didn't do anything like that. Pentland's violence continues and he threatens Deandre: "You're in the wrong neighborhood, asshole." He continues to harass Deandre about his address, and the video ends with Pentland approaching Deandree's face and saying, "Get out of my face." It is clear that although the video ended, the violence continued. Spectators then allegedly intervened.

The video was shared on Facebook by a woman named Shirell Johnson, who said her friend taped the incident while walking in the neighborhood and asked her to post it. Johnson shared an update on Facebook that the police were eventually called and noted that, despite the numerous witnesses and video evidence of Pentland's behavior, the officer told them "that he is only accusing whites of malicious harm to property and not of bodily harm could! "

"She saw the young man in need and knew he hadn't done anything wrong, so she started making videos for his safety! (Smart girl). She sent me the video last night and I got permission to Post it, "Johnson wrote on Facebook Tuesday." I was in touch with both D (as I now call him) to check on him and the young lady Shadae who made the video it's fine, but they're still processing. Last night we all connected because we noticed a young man in need and he happened to be black! ”The women didn't know Deandre before.

Johnson added, “Vinnetta and I just wanted to get D to safety because the situation was getting out of hand and this white guy was very angry and yelled at him who overwhelmed him. We circled back to get him out of this situation because we refused to go to jail for D or lie dead just because he was black. The only thing he did was be black while walking !!! "

The woman who shot the video, Shadae McCallum, also posted the video on Twitter and explained the events that led to the incident in a thread. In a tweet, she noted that Pentland stepped on Deandre's cell phone after she was recorded. "There was also a part I didn't record when the taller man Deandre knocked the phone out of his hands and stepped on it. The taller man also pushed Deandre off the camera several times. " She added that she is grateful "Deandre could get home safely, this situation was surreal. "


I went for a walk last night and met a young man (Deandre) in need. I decided to record the incident to protect this black man from possibly becoming a statistic.

– Shadae (@ShadaeMccallum) April 14, 2021

In one tweet on On Wednesday McCallum shared another update: "Deandre is fine, he's just shocked and overwhelmed."

City residents have reached out to the Richland County Sheriff's Department and asked why no charges were brought. The department's Facebook page The disturbing incident was mentioned in several comments, including one that said, “Why was Jonathan Pentland cited for property damage only when he was clearly attacking a young man on video and several witnesses said they saw the attack? Who was the RCSD supervisor who issued the order not to bring charges of assault? Why weren't the correct charges filed? Is this the narrative RCSD wants to endorse – that a stranger can come up to you during your afternoon stroll and attack you with no consequence? "

On Wednesday, the Richland County's Sheriff's Department issued a statement on Twitter stating that the department's officials would be meeting officials and representatives from various organizations elected today to discuss the incident at the summit. “In addition, the department determined that they were aware of the 'disturbing video' and that the incident was being taken seriously.

Police officers weren't the only ones made aware of the incident on Twitter users and community members. After the man was identified as a sergeant, the Twitter user @Angry_Staffer, whose post went viral, tagged Fort Jackson officials and asked for a response on their employees' behavior. To The Pentland commanding officer replied that the incident would be investigated as soon as possible.


This is not tolerated by any service member. We will get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.

– Fort Jackson Commanding General (@fortjacksoncg) April 14, 2021

Since yesterday's release, footage of the incident has been viewed more than 1.3 million times on Twitter alone. Users shared photos of Pentland and his wife demanding justice.

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