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Information Roundup: Congress was "Goal" on Jan. 6; extra republican struggling; additional Gaetz revelations

Marching to the Capitol to prevent Congress from counting votes was literally the premise of the event, so yes.

On Today's News: A new watchdog report finds officials knew beforehand that Congress itself was the "target" of the Jan. 6 insurgents. The Republican Party continues to consider retaliation against corporate critics. It's a day that ends with "y," and that means new details revealed about Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, drugs, and sex trafficking.

Here are some things you may have missed:

• A brutal watchdog report finds that Capitol Police knew on Jan. 6 that Congress itself was the target

• The study shows not only a peak in right-wing domestic terrorism, but also an increasing involvement of veterans

• Almost 80% of voters say they have received stimulus payments. The overwhelming majority say it went as expected

• As hundreds of business owners battle for voting rights, another GOP alliance comes to a standstill

• Gaetz desperately promotes the Project Veritas video to discredit coverage of his sex trafficking relationships

From the community:

• Court upholds black officer who was dismissed for stopping colleague's chokehold

• Hidden Story: The Russian Woodpecker (No, it's not a bird)

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