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Eight individuals died in mass shootings on the FedEx facility in Indianapolis and 5 had been hospitalized

But that's not all:


Note the following: There have been at least * 45 * mass shootings in the last month since the Atlanta Spa shootings on March 16.

(FYI, CNN defines an incident as a mass shooting when four or more people are shot – wounded or killed – without the shooter.)

– Jim Sciutto (@jimsciutto) April 16, 2021

Something is so broken in this country.

Early Friday morning, an Indianapolis police spokesman said, "Preliminary information at this point is that the shooter took his own life."

Republicans continue to oppose the most fundamental corrections to U.S. gun laws, including universal background checks, while gun manufacturers are exempt from liability and exempt from regulation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. And not only are Republicans opposed to stricter gun laws, they are advocating filibustering everything, even the universal background checks, which are overwhelmingly popular with the public, or closing the "friend void" by stealing guns from abusive unmarried partners .

President Joe Biden recently took executive action against guns, saying, “Gun violence in this country is an epidemic. Let me say that again: gun violence in this country is an epidemic and an embarrassment. “But Congress has to act, and that means Senate Republicans have to stop running filibusters, or Senate Democrats have to abolish or reform the filibuster.

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