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The professional-Trump web site & # 39; TheDonald & # 39; confirms detailed plans to storm the Capitol and kill members of Congress

As reported by Craig Timberg of the Post:

"TheDonald's website played a far more central role than previously known in the Capitol uprising on January 6," he said. “There are thousands of posts – with tens of thousands of comments – detailing plans to travel to Washington and violence against the US Capitol. The ultimate end goal of this violence was to disrupt Congress and overthrow the presidential election on Trump's behalf. "

Because the posters on this website used pseudonyms, Advance Democracy was unable to identify them. The logical assumption is that the website and its contents are now being analyzed by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in order to pursue the former users through more forensic means. As the Post explains, the website itself emerged from a Reddit forum that served as a "safe place" for racists and conspiracy theorists for some time. Eventually the forum became a website in its own right, the web address of which belonged to an Army veteran named Jody Williams. Williams disbanded the site after the January 6 riots at the Capitol.

The Post article cites a treasure trove of violent comments and discussions on the website in the weeks leading up to the January 6 attack. Many of these comments clearly go well beyond the dreams of "keyboard commands" and include meticulous and well-coordinated plans, including "shared diagrams of the tunnel systems under the Capitol Complex," discussions of travel and funding resources, and much more, particularly proposed methods of inducing violence, some of which were then used by the rioters. users also provided advice on bringing firearms into Washington, as well as carrying ammunition in case the protest turned into a gunfight, and discussed the legality of carrying other weapons such as stun guns and small knives may not go against the strict gun laws of the city.

Other topics of discussion included the correct length and brand of cable ties for detaining members of Congress, and the use of a flagpole and other items to attack police officers.

How to overcome the presence of armed police on the Capitol steps dominated several of these online conversations. "Cops don't 'stand' when lying on the floor in a pool of blood," wrote one user. Another postulated the creation of a "wall of death" by pushing his Trump supporters from behind. This user suspected – probably rightly – that the police would be reluctant to fire into the crowd if the members of the growing crowd looked like they were being physically compelled by others to fuel the attack.

In addition to detailed preparatory instructions, users of the site – themselves described as "an infinite rally dedicated to the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump" – routinely encouraged mutual participation in what they unmistakably saw as Trump- inspired rebellion. Statements like "If they confirm (B)", we storm (C) apitol (H) sick. Executions on the Steps "and" Arrest the Worst Traitors … Let them try to injure us as civilians. Your support will collapse overnight. "Other posts responded directly to Trump's encouragement to attend the" wild "event:" I'll be there and I'll be wild sir !!! "

Additional posts pondered whether the presence of a gallows or guillotine outside the Capitol building was preferable; Ultimately, it appears it has been decided that the blade of a guillotine would be too large to be transported. There were also several places that provided helpful ammunition advice should the rioters decide to bring guns to the event.

Taken together, the contributions on this website confirm what the countless videos and photos posted online by the participants themselves make it clear: the uprising was carefully planned, it was entirely triggered by the admonitions and incitement of Donald Trump and intended to inflict violence both elected officials and any law enforcement officers who dared to defend them.

In short, it was anything but a spontaneous event. It was a deliberate revolt against this country, planned weeks in advance to overthrow a legitimate election and prevent Joe Biden's presidency.

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