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Trump used the administration to spy on George Floyd protesters

Trump used the DEA to covertly monitor George Floyd protesters in Philadelphia, Chicago and Albuquerque.

CREW received the emails with information about the Trump espionage campaign:

The Drug Enforcement Administration was "covertly monitoring" people protested against the murder of George Floyd in Philadelphia, Chicago and Albuquerque last summer, according to CREW email. The operations included the use of undercover DEA agents to "infiltrate" protests, social media monitoring and aerial surveillance by the DEA Air Wing.

Justice Department leadership approved the surveillance efforts in May 2020 according to a DEA memorandum released by BuzzFeed News last year. The decision, which significantly expanded the DEA's law enforcement agency nationwide for 14 days, was condemned by members of Congress and civil liberties advocates as violating First Amendment rights.

Trump's tactics were straight out of the 1960s and the way the government spied on civil rights and antiwar protesters.

Trump falsely claimed that his campaign was spied on by the government when he was a presidential candidate, but as president, he did not hesitate to use the government to spy on African Americans and others who protested the death of George Floyd by the U.S. police.

If the Trump administration had put a tenth of the effort it put into spying on racial justice protesters in order to monitor white supremacists, the attack on the Capitol could have been prevented.

Republicans try to say they are Lincoln's party, but Donald Trump keeps popping up to remind everyone that they are the party of racism.

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