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Information Roundup: The OAN's Pretend Information; Trans rights; To advertise Nevada first-in-the-nation standing

On today's news: OAN conspiracy network agents address the New York Times. The primary calendar battles continue. And Texas Republicans get an ear.

Here are some things you may have missed:

• Dems pre-calculation to make diverse Nevada the first presidential code in place of the whiter states

• Brave trans girl scolds Texan lawmakers who want to make their lives harder

• Even Pat Robertson – yes, Pat Robertson! – is on the side of the police reform

• A New York Times report suggests that OAN knew its voting claims were wrong when it made them

From the community:

• Ryan Cooper: "Unproductive companies couldn't stay afloat if they underpaid their workers."

• Federal judge warns that Trump could be in big legal trouble

• Update from the beginning: COVID-19 is still killing

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