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MyPillow CEO isn’t pleased that he was referred to as for his election lie and counters Dominion with $ 1.6 billion

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, announced that his company will counter Dominion Voting Systems for $ 1.6 billion after Dominion filed a $ 1.3 billion lawsuit against Lindell and the company in February.

"This lawsuit is in support of the market for ideas and to undo the serious damage MyPillow has suffered from the language suppression and attacks from Dominion," the lawsuit said.

MyPillow claims that there is a marked difference between what Lindell said and what the company said.

"In making these statements, Lindell spoke for herself, not MyPillow," the suit reads. “MyPillow did not have a discussion about the 2020 elections. However, as an American corporation in support of American constitutional values, MyPillow unreservedly supports Lindell's right to exercise his first amendment freedoms in relation to matters of critical public concern such as electoral matters. "

Dominion in February sued Lindell for $ 1.3 billion, arguing that Lindell defamed the company by promoting the unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that the Dominion falsely conspired with foreign powers to manipulate voting machines to deter former President Donald Trump from doing the Winning parliamentary elections 2020.

The company is looking for More than $ 651 million in punitive damages and an additional $ 651.7 million in damages from Lindell. Dominion's entitlement is approximately four times the annual sales of MyPillow.

"As a result of the false allegations that Lindell, his allies and like-minded media have spread to a global audience, Dominion has suffered unprecedented reputational and financial damage, and the lives of its employees have been put at risk," the company's lawsuit read.

The lawsuit was imminent: in January and February 2021, Dominion warned Lindell that they were about to sue him for his role in disinformation in elections.

"You have positioned yourself as a prominent leader in the ongoing misinformation campaign," Dominion wrote in a letter in January.

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