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Republican organizations spent greater than $ 1 million shopping for GOP books to high off the bestseller lists from the final electoral cycle

The Washington Post made a report on the dodgy quality of this practice, noting that "Four party-affiliated organizations, including the Republican National Committee, collectively spent more than $ 1 million on mass shopping books written by GOP candidates, elected officials and personalities in the past election cycle, according to federal election commission spending reports. " The practice is deceptive not only when it comes to promoting a false sense of popularity for unpopular ideas, but because book authors make serious money when they can get on bestseller lists with royalties of hundreds of thousands of dollars in book sales.

One of the more prominent self-negotiations in the past few months has been Texas’s response to intelligence, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, whose book saw sales grow by $ 400,000 National Republican Congress Committee (NRCC). The NRCC defended the purchase of Crenshaw's book on the grounds that it had raised no less than three times the amount of the book (signed copies, etc.), which made it a legitimate purchase. But the former Republican Navy SEAL, who holds an elected office based almost entirely on the really twisted Republican gerrymandering of a Texas county, could point to his best-seller status as evidence of the popularity of his opinions.

Trump Jr., his Donald father, really unpopular Senate Minority Chairman Mitch McConnell, unpopular China-Phobe Senator Tom Cotton, and Capitol insurgent Senator Josh Hawley, according to the Post, were all lucky to have made bulk purchases of their books in the previous election cycle. Hawley's huge pre-buy was sidetracked when Simon & Schuster canceled Hawley's book deal for his full approval of anti-democratic, fact-free election fraud allegations – though he forgot to mention that he probably had part of it advance while lamenting free speech.

Tom Cotton, known for his slimmer, clean-shaven, and hawkish version of Ted Cruz, appears to have received quite a bit of help from the US Political Action Committee Senate Conservatives Fund. According to the Post, they spent nearly $ 90,000 buying the book from Cotton. The title is something like Soldier Duty, Soldier Soldier, Duty Duty. I hate China and Democracy. Coincidentally, this was the same PAC that spent $ 65,000 on pre-copies of Hawleys with Regnery Publishing, (Ted) Cruz & # 39; Verlag upcoming book. ”

Last week the Campaign Legal Center, a watchdog for campaign funding, filed a complaint against Senator Ted Cruz. with the Bundestag Election Commission and the Senate Ethics Commission. In the complaint, Cruz is accused of promoting Facebook ads promoting his book against the 15% royalty and his campaign spend of around $ 18,000it prohibits personal use of campaign funds at 52 U.S.C. Section 30114 (b) (1). The complaint also reminds the two committees that the evidence they are presenting is only the Facebook advertisement and that there may well be spending on Cruz campaigns promoting his garbage tape on other platforms.

In the three months after Cruz's book was published, Ted Cruz paid for the Senate third-party bookseller Books-A-million and Barnes & Noble about $ 154,000 for "Books." Other Facebook Ads Offered Supporters receive a signed copy of the book in exchange for a post (while also uring Viewers to “pre– Order a copy from Amazon or today Your local bookseller ") and linked to a Ted Cruz for S.Activate fundraising page.

This is not news to Ted Cruz, who has long bent, if not broken, the laws of campaigning and campaign finance. His interest in honesty never existed and he has never shown the slightest moral burden. And while Ted Cruz can technically be considered smarter than someone like Donald Trump Jr., the two men engage in identical cynical and corrupt behavior. In the case of Junior, it is his actual father who helps pay for his lack of popularity, while in the case of Ted Cruz, it is the Republican Party's machine and his own campaign that he treats like a rich father.

Technically, the problem here is that Ted Cruz's campaign wasn't bought directly through the publisher. The reason this is important is because this issue has long been understood as a sensitive issue and the FEC has been making decisions about it since 2014. According to the FEC, if you buy direct from the publisher, the publisher can count those sales outside of the sale of books for which they owe authors royalties. Cruz's campaign spent thousands directly through retailers. This makes it much more similar for Cruz's royalty payouts to get a direct personal bank balance from the funds of his own campaign. He's not the only one, as Dan Crenshaw's favorite Dan Crenshaw book made nearly a quarter of a million in sales from a direct retail purchase through the NRCC.

Before letting in your friend who says Chem-Trails control the weather, the Post explains that this level of bulk buying that bolsters book sales is largely a GOP phenomenon.

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