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Information Roundup: Infrastructure Information; Republicans proceed to hinder; grieving younger Adam Toledo

Another week starts on Monday. The country is moving very slowly towards a major infrastructure bill. The US is moving forward to create a more just country, a goal that seems to be drawing closer as we stay far away as we slowly march out of the darkest days of the previous administration.

Here are some things you may have missed:

Republicans pretend to offer infrastructure help, while "moderate" Democrats pretend they mean business
"Deprived of His Future": Hundreds gather to protest Adam Toledo's murder after the footage was released
The House Democrats want to investigate what led to the deadly siege on January 6th. House Republicans don't
It's best on the internet when the CEO of MyPillow thinks he's talking to Trump

From the community:

Well-known Norwegian COVID conspiracy theorist dies of COVID
Trump Republicans pretend to be the party of the working class. Democrats actually fight for workers

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