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WATCH: Alternate juror says Chauvin stored watching her all through the trial

Derek Chauvin would always have a hard time defending his actions during his trial. The video of him kneeling on George Floyd was damned and would be hard to explain.

In the end, the decision was made not to let the former policeman answer questions on the stand. However, this does not mean that Chauvin did not try to represent his case in other ways. Another juror says the ex-cop tried to intimidate her with constant glances.

Lisa Christensen recently spoke about the experience with CBS This morning is Jamie Yuccas. She said to the host: "Every time I looked up, my vision was correct, so we closed my eyes a few times and I felt pretty uncomfortable. "

The deputy juror continued to praise the prosecutor's witness, Dr. Martin Tobin: "He explained everything. I got it to the point where he said, "This is the moment he lost his life."

EXCLUSIVE: An alternative juror in the #DerekChauvinTrial sits down with @jamieyuccas.

Lisa Christensen had no role in the verdict, but she pushed through every minute of the trial.

She says that although she wasn't part of the deliberations – she came to a decision.

– CBS this morning (@CBSThisMorning) April 22, 2021

She also had harsh words for defense attorney Eric J. Nelson: “I don't think they had any good effect. I think he promised too much in the beginning and didn't do what he said. "

While she didn't cast a vote, Christensen says: "I felt guilty. I didn't know if it would be guilty in any way, I would have said guilty. "

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