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Pretend Average Susan Collins tells DC to grow to be a part of Maryland as a substitute of statehood

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) said Washington, DC should get representation in Congress by joining Maryland and not becoming a state.


"There is a way to ensure that DC residents have a proxy in Congress and that DC becomes part of Maryland" – Susan Collins on CNN

– Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) May 2, 2021

Collins said of CNN's State Of The Union, “Washington, D.C. is a city. It is not a state. Now there is a way to ensure that DC residents have proxy voting in Congress and that DC becomes part of Maryland, just as parts of DC became part of Virginia many years ago. That would give DC residents a new member of the House of Representatives, and they would be represented in the Senate by the Maryland Senators. "

Susan Collins may not want to open that door as Republicans are over-represented in terms of voting power in Congress. It could be argued that West Virginia should not be a state and Virginia should represent it. D.C. has a larger population than Wyoming, so maybe Wyoming should get its representation by becoming part of Colorado.

When D.C. were a Republican electoral area, the GOP would require statehood. Collins' opposition was all about getting Democrats out of the House and Senate.

Sen. Collins is a fake moderator who should be cautious about representing in Congress.

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