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President Biden formally raises the cap on refugee admission to 62,500 after an intense setback

Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, President and CEO of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS), celebrated the news in a statement. The resettlement agency was among the many voices criticizing the president for initially pulling back on his promise. At the time, he said, "(t) There is no logistical or administrative reason here why we cannot protect refugees." Refugees who did so due to strict screening standards I waited two years to come to the US

"The new admission cap reflects our core values ​​as a welcoming nation and ultimately aligns public order to the unprecedented global need of millions displaced from their homes by violence, war and persecution," said the LIRS leader. "As the leader of the free world, America has a moral obligation to address this crisis. It is incredibly encouraging to see a government again that takes our nation's humanitarian responsibilities seriously. Infrastructure rebuilding work is ongoing and will continue to grow." thanks to President Biden's determination today to revitalize refugee resettlement. "

Biden, both as a candidate and president-elect, pledged to raise the refugee cap to 125,000 for the first full fiscal year, a number he reiterated in his statement on Monday. "T.The new admissions cap will also reinforce ongoing efforts to expand the United States' capacity to host refugees so that we can meet the goal of 125,000 refugee admissions that I want to set for the coming fiscal year, ”he said.

However, Biden said that with around five months in the current fiscal year, it is unlikely to be able to hit the 62,500 cap. Another two months were also lost when the government delayed announcing the cap in April. "The sad truth is that we won't get 62,500 approvals this year," said the president. "We are working quickly to reverse the damage suffered over the past four years." The president also said the 125,000 cap would be “difficult to reach. We may not make it in the first year. However, we will use every available tool to help these fully screened refugees escape appalling conditions in their home countries. "

Agencies helping with resettlement of refugees and their families in the U.S. should be given all the resources they need to keep doing so – and advocates who were quick to push the government back when they announced the previous administration's cap must remain vigilant to ensure our nation keeps its promise to the vulnerable. Life depends on it – and it is necessary if we really want to deviate from the draconian policies of the previous government.

"As ex-refugees, we know the legal profession works," said Basma Alawee, an Iraqi refugee and co-chair of the Opportunity for All campaign, in a statement received by Daily Kos. “Organize work. And because of that effort, we won today. We thank President Biden for his political commitment to accepting more refugees. Now our work will continue to ensure that the refugee admission target is met and increased to 125,000 refugees next year and that refugees are integrated into this country. "

"President Biden's decision to raise the US admission limit to 62,500 this fiscal year is an extremely important step," Eric Schwartz, President of Refugees International, said in a statement to Daily Kos. "This will pave the way for the government to fulfill its commitment to rebuild the US refugee reception program and restore US leadership on this critical issue."

"Rebuilding the refugee resettlement program still has a long way to go," he continued, "but we can finally march at full speed with the communities in the United States to restore it." critical initiative. " Elissa Diaz, policy and advocacy manager for Church World Service and co-chair of the Interfaith Immigration Coalition, said in a statement received from Daily Kos that "(A) After months of uncertainty, this is great news for refugees who have been waiting to be relocated to the United States."

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