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Morning Digest: DeSantis makes Hastings & # 39; district wait twice as lengthy for particular elections

Local election officials in Broward and Palm Beach counties initially proposed the dates DeSantis voted on, including a Nov. 2 area code. Soon after, however, they suggested that the primary take place on September 14th and the general on November 9th. with an official saying: "People want it to be earlier."

Campaign action

DeSantis ignored this advice in a move that the Democrats are sure to attack, as it is motivated by a partisan interest in taking a key vote from the party's slim congressional majority. (The governor's long delay in waiting to plan the elections has also been heavily criticized. One candidate, Democrat Elvin Dowling, filed a lawsuit late last week calling for a date to be set.) The decision also means that the mostly black 20th district will not have a voice in the house for almost a year.

It's not clear when the registration deadline will be, but at a press conference announcing the dates, DeSantis said, "I think that will bring qualifications towards the end of the first week of September."


FL Sen: Former prosecutor Aramis Ayala says she is considering seeking the Democratic nomination for Republican Senator Marco Rubio next year. In 2016, she became the first black person to serve as a prosecutor in Florida history when she won an election for the 9th Judicial Circuit, which includes the city of Orlando.

Ayala declined to run for re-election last year after a legal battle with the then government. Rick Scott, who assigned dozen of potential capital cases to a neighboring prosecutor after Ayala said she would not seek the death penalty on any defendant. Florida's Supreme Court ultimately ruled in Scott's favor, citing Ayala in her decision not to seek another term, saying the decision was "in direct contradiction to my view and vision of the administration of justice."


FL-Gov: Democratic MP Charlie Crist launched his long-awaited campaign for the governor on Tuesday, his second attempt to return to the office he held as a Republican more than a decade ago.

Crist, a professional attorney, rose through state policy in the 1990s and early 2000s, started in the Senate, and eventually won the Florida Attorney General election in 2002 after failing to run for the Senate in 1998. In 2006, Crist won the race for Despite this year's blue wave, fueled by hostility towards the other Bush, temporary governor Jeb Bush succeeds with a lead of 52:45 over Democrat Jim Davis.

In office, he ruled as relatively moderate, supported some environmental protection measures, gratefully accepted funds from the 2009 stimulus package, and restored the right to vote for citizens who had carried out criminal sentences (a policy reversed under later Republican governors).

But Crist & # 39; s rise was soon thwarted when he tried to run for the Senate again in the 2010 cycle – this time in an open seat race. A popular seated governor, Crist launched his campaign with the support of greats from the NRSC and GOP like John McCain. His embrace of incentive, however, disgusted the Conservatives of the tea party and prompted former Florida House spokesman Marco Rubio to challenge Crist, who eventually withdrew in elementary school polls. (Long-time DKE / SSP fans may remember that it was Rubio's entry that sparked the original "Cat Fud" meme – much to our chagrin later.)

Rather than risk a humiliating defeat for the GOP nomination, Crist announced in April that he would continue as an independent instead. The move didn't save his chances, however, when Rubio beat him at 49:30 and Democrat Kendrick Meek only took 20%.

Two years later, Crist completed his political development by joining the Democratic Party, under whose banner he stood in his first attempt to regain governorship in 2014. That race also ended in failure, but much closer: Republican Governor Rick Scott, the Crist had managed to beat him 48-47 – a painfully narrow lead, especially given the GOP wave.

Crist finally made it back to public office in 2016 after the court-ordered redistribution made Florida's 13th district in his hometown of St. Petersburg significantly bluer. Crist deposed Republican MP David Jolly 52-48 and then won re-election twice.

Crist is the first major Democrat to announce an offer for the governor this year, but he's unlikely to be the last, which points to the same difficult question that haunted his recent Senate campaign: is he what his Want party? If primary voters are again considered relatively moderate, they may prefer a more progressive option. To complicate matters further is an issue he did not face in 2010, namely the fact that he is a white man seeking nomination for a party whose leading elector in the youngest gubernatorial elementary school is a black, Andrew Gillum , and a white woman was Gwen Graham.

Crist's decision may also be motivated in part by redistribution, as Republicans will likely try to make his congressional district redder and roll back the changes that allowed him to win it in the first place. Although the lines will not be known for some time, the jockeying around Crist & # 39; s seat has already started, which we looked at in the previous digest. And in a final twist, Crist could take on Jolly again, who has taken a similar path and now says he would like to run for independent governor.

GA-Gov, GA-LG: Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal's Constitution reports that extremist Republican Senator Burt Jones, who was considering a primary challenge for Governor Brian Kemp, is now more likely to run for second place, according to nameless GOP activists. That's because, as Bluestein previously reported, Republican Governor Geoff Duncan, who has openly criticized Donald Trump and his party's efforts to impose election restrictions, is "unlikely" to seek a second term next year.

TX-Gov, TX-LG: Deep in a lengthy New York Times Magazine article on the burgeoning civil war within the Texas GOP, Elaina Plott reports that State Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, who hails from the craziest wing of the party, "has not yet made a final decision" on whether Challenge Governor Greg Abbott in elementary school next year. Miller didn't offer a schedule for an announcement, but he sounds eager and claims he has received "overwhelming" responses at Republican events.

The Texas Tribune, meanwhile, reports that Miller "has also sparked speculation that he might face Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick".


GA-06: Republican Eric Welsh, an army veteran and former Coca-Cola executive, filed an offer against Democratic MP Lucy McBath on Tuesday. In his kickoff, Welshman mocked McBath, whose son Jordan was murdered by a rifleman in 2012, as a "partisan hack in one issue" saying, "But to go to Washington and only take that one point of view, and not strongly support the second Amendment to the Constitution and our right to bear arms is deplorable. "The only other notable Republican in the running is another Army veteran, Harold Earls.

IL-17: Politico reports that Conservative activist Terry Schilling is considering an offer for the 17th Illinois Congressional District, a seat his late father Bobby Schilling held for a term before being ousted by Democrat Cheri Bustos, who is now in the Retirement is about. Schilling heads an anti-trans group called the American Principles Project and was exposed for posting homophobic tweets while running his father's unsuccessful comeback campaign in the 2nd District of Iowa last year.

Among other things, Schilling wrote in 2019: "I have no problem explaining straight sex to my children if they ask – this is how babies are made. Am I really a snowflake because I don't want to explain ass sex to my children?" At the time, the Quad-City Times also reported that Schilling lived in Northern Virginia.

NY-01: Suffolk County's lawmaker Bridget Fleming, who finished third in the Democratic primary last year, announced Tuesday that she would run again for New York's 1st Congressional District, thanks to an offer from Republican MP Lee Zeldin is open to the governor. Last month, the 2020 candidate, Nancy Goroff, said she was also considering a repeat offer, but would not make a decision until "sometime this summer".

An ally of Goroff's trying to persuade them: 314 Action, which supports the election of scientists to Congress, released a poll by Democratic pollster Public Policy Polling this week that found Goroff Fleming 37-22 in a hypothetical Elementary school leads. However, Goroff's notoriety is significantly higher and 40% of voters are undecided.

OH-15: Athens Mayor Steve Patterson, who last month said he was considering running for the Democratic nomination in the special election to replace Republican MP Steve Stivers upon his resignation, has decided against an offer. While the special will run under existing lines, Patterson said he chose to stay out partly because of uncertainty about the reallocation, especially since Ohio will lose a seat due to a reallocation.

TX-06: Democratic voters in the upcoming runoff election in Texas’s 6th Congressional District face an unsavory decision to vote between two Republicans. So which Republican to vote for? Last year's Democratic candidate Stephen Daniel reluctantly tweeted that he would vote for MP Jake Ellzey over conservative activist Susan Wright because of Donald Trump's endorsement for Wright. Daniel added, "Also, @SenTedCruz is against Ellzey. Good enough for me."

Other races

GA-SoS: MP Bee Nguyen launched a long-awaited campaign for the foreign minister on Tuesday, giving the Democrats their first high-profile candidate for Georgia's top election officer in a state where Republican attacks on suffrage have attracted national attention.

As Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal's Constitution reports, after succeeding Stacey Abrams in the 2017 legislature, Nguyen has emerged as a major proponent of voting rights registrations prior to 2018 halftime as they did not perfectly match records in other databases. She has also been an advocate for the prosecution of Robert Long's murder of six Asian American women in spas in the Atlanta area in March as a hate crime.

While Nguyen may have support from other candidates in the Democratic primary, the bigger question is who the GOP will bring up in November as incumbent Brad Raffensperger has been the target of an ongoing attack by supporters of Donald Trump since he rejected Trump's efforts last to manipulate annual election. Raffensperger faces a challenge from far-right MP Jody Hice, who has Trump's support and who voted to reject the electoral college results on the day of the insurgent's deadly attack on Congress.

In any case, the Peach State could contest another close race: In 2018, Raffensperger ousted Democrat John Barrow in the November general election by just 49.1 to 48.7 and then won a runoff election in December 52-48.

Lucky bag

Where are you now?: Democrat Richard Cordray, who lost a race for Ohio governor in 2018, was won by Joe Biden as head of the Department of Education's Office of Federal Student Aid, which oversees the country's $ 1.6 trillion in student loans. The position does not require confirmation by the Senate.

Cordray, a close ally of Senator Elizabeth Warren, had been the attorney general before becoming the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which Warren had spearheaded. He left that post to run for governor in 2017, losing to Republican Mike DeWine by a margin of 50:47.

Where are you now?: Former Alabama Senator Doug Jones, who won a shocking 2017 special election victory over Republican Roy Moore but lost re-election last year, has joined DC lobbying firm Arent Fox.

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