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Whereas Republicans maintain on to Trump, Home Democrats play a central function of their medium-term technique

"Liz Cheney is being attacked for being a woman of integrity and telling the truth," said Michigan MP Debbie Dingell in an interview with Politico. "The Republican leadership is destabilizing people's trust in the government."

The Republicans' big bet is that demonstrating their 100% submission and loyalty to Trump will help build his deep loyalty to loyalists and get them to vote. To do this, House Republicans are clearly hoping to turn 2022 into a 2020 referendum and increase voter turnout by giving Trump voters who baselessly believe the election has been "stolen" to have theirs Disgust to register in the elections. It's a risky bet. While Georgia's Trump voters believed the November election was fraudulent, there were not enough numbers in January to deliver victories for the state's two Republican senators.

Across the aisle, Democrats are hoping that the Republicans' plunge from the deep end into Trump's pool of Wackadoodle conspiracies will inspire anti-Trump voters to vote to save democracy … again. Of course, the Democrats will also pursue the policies they jointly enforce with the White House, which has the advantage of being very popular with the electorate.

While no one can predict the 2022 turnout or the impact of the GOP's efforts to suppress voters, Trump's polarizing effect on the electorate remains fairly stable. According to Civiq's tracking of Trump's positive rating, it's 42% favorable, 55% unfavorable – 96% of Democrats see it unfavorably and 87% of Republicans see it as positive (a slight decrease of 90% on election day). With independents, Trump is 9 points under water – 43% favorable, 52% unfavorable – a slight improvement on the end of March (41% unfavorable / 54% fav.). Maybe a little less exposure improves Trump's image, but who the hell knows?

What Democrats know is that Trump is absolutely getting on the nerves of grassroots voters, and his historic unpopularity certainly boosted their electoral fortunes in 2018. So if this is the path that Republicans have chosen, so be it.

"I think there is a real weakness in the Republican Party that they have discarded its principles, discarded adherence to the truth and simply turned to one person – Donald Trump," House majority chairman Steny Hoyer said Wednesday during an event the Washington Post.

New York Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, who leads the House Democrats' campaign strategy for 2022, also lamented Cheney's fall. "It seems like the only way to get ahead is by being a dangerous liar, accused sexual predator, or abuser of white supremacist ideology," Maloney said. Reference to scandals that recently gripped several GOP members.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took the opportunity to paint Cheney a patriot, knowing the Republicans would tear her to pieces.

“I commend Liz Cheney for her courage and patriotism, and I wish her all the best. Maybe this challenge makes them stronger. I don't know, it's because of her caucus, ”she said. Pelosi had made fun of Republicans earlier this week for turning on Cheney for telling the truth. "Help wanted – non-threatening woman," read a press release posted on the speaker's website. The post cited and linked several reasons the GOP Congressman had recently given for Cheney's fateful turn: ""she won't lie, She is not humble enough, She's like a friend who cares about the wrong team, and more."

President Joe Biden brandished the knife in his own understated way on Wednesday, stating that we "badly need" a Republican party for our two-party system. Biden then marveled at how far the Republicans were from the rails.

"I've been a Democrat for a long time. We have gone through times when we had internal struggles and disagreements. I can never remember anything like this," he told reporters at the White House. "I think Republicans are further from figuring out who they are and what they stand for than I thought they'd be at that point."

In other words, we need a two-party system, but Heaven will help us when the voters bring the GOP back under control of the country in its current form.

Congressman Cheney herself said so in a statement from the Washington Post. ""The Republican Party is at a turning point and Republicans must decide whether we will choose Truth and Faithfulness to the Constitution, ”she wrote. Identifying herself as a Conservative Republican with "awe" of the rule of law, she added: "The electoral college has spoken. More than 60 state and federal courts, including several Trump-appointed judges, have dismissed the former president's arguments and refused to reverse the election results. That is the rule of law; this is our constitutional system for solving electoral fraud. "

As Cheney's comment makes clear, you are either democratic or against. House Republicans have clearly opposed it, and it is currently unclear whether they will be able to tackle the wave of fascism that is overturning their party and caucus in order to regain control of the Chamber next year.

On the one hand, the GOP fight cannot improve your chances. On the other hand, even if the Democrats prevail, the country will still be stuck with a sick party in our two-party system.

“Part of me thinks that mess in the Republican Conference is okay. This is good for everyone. That's good for Democrats, "Massachusetts Rep. Jim McGovern told Politico. "But when I see this unfold, I can't help but think that this is bad for the country. And it's bad for democracy … it's bad for solving future problems in a bipartisan way . "

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