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The Arizona conspiracy audit is "extremely necessary," Stefanik advised Bannon

In order to show her loyalty to Trump, Stefanik took part in the fake “test” of the 2020 elections in Arizona. While Cheney is banned from Republican leadership of the House of Representatives for insisting the 2020 election is on and Republicans must comply with this and the results of future elections, Stefanik has welcomed the partisan dumpster fire, which is the rolling count around which undermine actual voting in Arizona. The fauxdit is "incredibly important," emphasized Stefanik.

Stefanik discussed a case being conducted by a partisan company that has gone to court to keep its methods secret and has several documented deviations from state electoral guidelines and security loopholes: "We want transparency and responses for the American people."

"What are the Democrats so afraid of?" She asked. I don't know that a company run by a Trumpist conspiracy theorist is doing what an electoral professional calls "just a fishing expedition of people determined to find something wrong" in the service of months of whining from a sore loser who has already instigated a deadly riot that overran the US Capitol in an attempt to prevent the election from being confirmed?

In another strong sign of the Republican Party's direction, the woman who, as one of the Cheney MPs put it, is getting a "crowning glory" from the Republicans of the House actually has a much less conservative voting record than the woman she is expected to replace becomes. The Club for Growth, for example, counts Stefanik among the five Republicans in the house with the worst records by their terrible standards. But she has remained steadfastly loyal to Trump since she decided he was her best path to progress, and that is exactly what is important – is all that matters – to Republicans. Given the choice of a far-right lawmaker willing to criticize Trump in defense of democracy and the Constitution, or a more historically centered lawmaker exclusively concerned with Trump and willing to promote his big lie, today's Republicans will agree go to the latter, no question about it.

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