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Marc Lamont Hill minimize off the microphone of a Republican after which destroyed efforts to ban crucial racial principle

"Well, first of all, I can tell you, but it's up to you to understand," replied Jones. "I can't make you understand. The fact is that even on that basis, critical racial theory shouldn't be taught in our schools. Well, if you can't understand …"

"But what is it?"

"Well, for me, what it does, for me, my interpretation and many others …"

“No, not what it does, what is it? How do you define it? I am only asking you to define critical racial theory because my audience may not know. "

"Well, obviously you don't know and you didn't tell your audience."

At this point Hill giggles in delight and disbelief, "I don't know?" pointed to the trap he had jumped. But Jones believed he would win that exchange and began reaching up to Hill to answer the question he had asked himself and became increasingly abusive when he poked fun at the idea of ​​an Ivy League PhD – Den Hill – could be a sign of expertise in the industry definition of critical racial theory. At the point Jones called him "as stupid as two left shoes. "Hill muted his microphone and said," We're not going to mention a name on this show. I haven't named you, sir. You got on this show, you're a black Republican, I didn't give you a name ”- and then he listed all the names he didn't name Jones just in case anyone wondered what it would have been seeing Looks like he's decided to come up with a name.

"And you're not going to come on my show and call me stupid," he concluded. “What I'm going to tell you is that critical racial theory is a theory that actually emerged from critical legal studies. It is a theory that seeks to understand the law through the lens of race and is based on some basic assumptions. One of them is the unsolvability of race and racism, which means that it is an unsolvable problem in America and that we must use the lens of race to understand things. It is also based on the use of counter-stories, which, as Derrick Bell, the critical racial scientist, said, listen to the voices at the bottom of the well in order to understand the world and understand the law. These are two great theories, two great pillars of it. So what we want to do is if you want to ban it you have to explain to me why. "

Okay, Lamont Hill definitely knows what Critical Racial Theory is. Shocking from a scholar who has taught relevant subjects at Temple University, Columbia University, and Morehouse College. But it's what he said next that really gets to the point – not just why Jones is joining the trend, but the whole point of the effort.

"But the problem is, all these Republicans, all these non-scholars say, 'I'm going to ban critical racial theory," and they can't answer it. And then (Jones) says, "If you can't answer it, you have to don't know what it is. ”The fact is, he can't define it because he doesn't know what it is. They're looking for things that need to be banned in order to signal to white people,“ Hey, I've got your back "said Hill.

"They forbid things that aren't even a problem. In America there isn't a public school teacher trying to bring critical racial theory into schools. Critical racial theory isn't even taught in high schools. It isn't even really taught in college It is taught in the law school and is increasingly being taught in the graduate school. "

Hill made his final comments to Jones as a black Republican: “You want to ban a theory that no one wants to propose at all? This is a smoke signal for white America and really for white racists. “- but this criticism of the entire effort to ban the critical theory of race out of schools also applies to all white Republicans who make a big stink about it. They are all trying to ban something that is not seriously taught in schools because it is much more palatable to the (white) public to use a term that sounds a little slang and advanced than to say, “We just want prohibit schools from speaking about the existence of racism or teaching about the contributions of people other than white people. “That is exactly the case here, as real efforts are being made to influence the school curriculum.

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