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FBI Director Chris Wray investigates Trump's mates after attempting to fireplace him

Trump has tried to fire FBI Director Chris Wray but his plot has failed and Trump's allies are now being investigated.

Business Insider reported:

When Barr learned of the conspiracy in which then-FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich was also replaced by controversial Trump National Security Advisor, Kash Patel, he threatened to resign in protest, according to the person briefed on the deliberations was.

… ..

In the immediate aftermath of the Trump administration, the Justice Department and the Wray FBI stepped up the investigation into Giuliani's Ukraine affairs during his tenure as the former president's personal lawyer.

William Barr saved Wray from being fired by Trump, and the result is Wray working with Attorney General Garland on an investigation and investigation into Trump allies like Rudy Giuliani and Matt Gaetz.

If Trump had fired Wray, there's a good chance the investigation into Trump's friends would have been buried.

With Wray Sill, Attorney General Garland was able to hit the ground running on these urgent matters.

William Barr saved Chris Wray's job, and now Rudy Giuliani and Matt Gaetz could face federal criminal charges for failing to get rid of the FBI director.

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