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Republicans brag about "achievements" they voted in opposition to and the media takes be aware

Malliotakis is one of a long list of Republicans who no longer voted no, but instead made sure that their constituents knew that federal funds were flowing into their districts. Typically, either the Restaurant Revitalization Fund or community health center money is highlighted. Rep Elise Stefanik, ready to oust Rep Liz Cheney as the third-tier Republican in the House of Representatives, was particularly brazen of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently crushed Republican hypocrisy on the matter, stating how "Suddenly they are deficit hawks when they gave away money to rich people under President Trump. "After yelling about the deficit, when it was time to pass the stimulus package," some of them are trying to acknowledge something they didn't vote – that's not uncommon. If you vote no, take the batter – Republicans do. "

According to the AP, the Democratic National Committee is also concentrating on this topic with a digital advertising campaign Local news sites in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, New Hampshire, Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, while billboards are installed in 20 states.

Will any of it stick? That depends in part on the media. The American bailout remains very popular, so it makes sense for Republicans to try to connect with it despite their opposition. Every time a Republican says something good about the effects of the law, any media coverage must include the fact that the law would not have passed if it had been up to that Republican. I'm just quoting one Republican and saying, for example: "I am pleased to announce that, as Rep. Madison Cawthorn has done, federal funds are going to community health centers in your district without correcting the false impression that they are funding the district to help them with this lie support and support.

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