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"You’re completely and fully improper" – Dr. Fauci teaches medical analysis to Rand Paul

Senator Paul spoke for about a minute, promoting the conspiracy theory developed by the U.S. government under the direction of Dr. Fauci performed through the work of a virologist Dr. Ralph Barrett may have developed the novel coronavirus in 2019. After all this pomposity and careless use of gossip and rumor, Fauci set the microphone in front of her and declared, "Senator Paul, with all due respect, you are totally and completely wrong."

Dr. Fauci stated that the NIH did not fund any profit on functional research. It's not a real thing. And the funding Barrett received isn't for such work. "Dr. Barrett is not doing functional research, and if so, it is in line with guidelines and being done in North Carolina." Senator Paul argued that "200 scientists have signed a statement from the Cambridge Working Group that this is an asset." I'm not sure where that "statement" is and if he's talking about something the Cambridge Working Group may have signed as early as 2014. In either case, there is no real evidence. "If you look at the grant and the progress reports, this is not a feature – despite the fact that people are tweeting this."

Sen. Paul's insistence that Dr. Fauci is a well-known virus warrior warrior, makes him shake his head and repeat in the most beautiful way that Sen. Rand Paul is a liar who lies. “I do not support any profit in functional research in China. You say things that are not correct. "

If you want to read about the different ways Sen. Rand Paul is full of it, you can read my colleague David Neiwert's play on How Banana Cuckoo The Tin Foil Conspiracy Theory Is Here.

Fortunately, there are deadlines for senators, and when Rand's time ran out, Minnesota Democratic Senator Tina Smith asked Dr. Fauci, what he thinks are the effects of "conspiracy theories" on the public as Rand Paul is promoting. "Well, conspiracy theories certainly don't help."

And here's some fun.


Senator Rand Paul keeps forgetting that Dr. Anthony Fauci is from South Brooklyn. If I were Senator Paul I would do my best not to have all the smoke for him.

– Chantay Berry @ (@iamchanteezy) May 11, 2021

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