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The governor's spokesman says refusing to answer illicit media websites is "our coverage".

Newsflash: Any journalist worthy of this title is an activist who pretends to be a reporter. Well, depending on the point of sale, some have to pretend to be a little more convincing than others, but if a sense of justice and the desperate need to correct a social injustice don't fuel the work of journalism, then it is not journalism.


Why does Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt refuse to speak to black news outlets in Oklahoma and allow his spokeswoman to be directly hostile and disrespectful to the state's largest black-owned newspaper?

This is as pathetic as it is shameful and racist.

– Kendall Brown (@kendallybrown) May 11, 2021

"The governor's message to the more than 1 million readers of the Black Wall Street Times is clear. He has no interest in sharing information with you, the journalist or a black-owned publication that you trust, ”wrote the editorial team of the media company. “This whistling against black dogs is nothing new to members of the press who represent black media. Anti-blackness has undeniably become a cornerstone of the general political position of the Stitt administration. "

The news site, based in Oklahoma, the birthplace of the economically thriving Black Tulsa community, which is also the namesake of the news organization, asked the governor to attend a meeting the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission to discuss Stitt's role on the commission – or, more specifically, its absence. No one from his office showed up for the meeting on Monday, despite being invited while the governor "cursed" the commission twice, the Black Wall Street Times reported. "Now more than ever we need a policy that brings us closer together – and does not tear us apart," said the Republican governor in a statement on Friday. "And as governor, I firmly believe that not a dime of tax money should be used to define and segregate young Oklahomans by race or gender."

Stitt delivered the speech the same day he signed the 1775 Oklahoma House Bill, which the Black Wall Street Times defined as “a law that protects white students from doing anything about the trauma and effects of systemic racism learn if it makes them feel uncomfortable or guilty. ” Let's not forget, this is in a state where white supremacists are burned and terrorized The governor promised that House Bill 1775 would not "prevent or discourage" difficult talks about "our past". He said "literally", it says: "No teacher may require or take a course that a race or a sex is inherently superior to another race or another sex."

The law states that no public school employee should require or be part of any course content that causes a person to feel “uncomfortable, guilty, anxious, or in any other form of mental distress because of race or gender ". It also contains bizarre language that forbids defining “meritocracy or traits like a hard work ethic” as “racist or sexist” or created by members of one race in order to oppress members of another race. Still, Stitt wants his constituents to believe this bill is harmlss.

If the bill is as innocuous as the governor implies, it's unclear why his office had such a problem answering the Black Wall Street Times' fundamental questions as every member of the Tulsa Commission voted on a collective decision that Not to support legislation. "Because of this interaction, the Black Wall Street Times editorial team believes that Governor Stitt and his communications team operate on a separate media policy, ”the editor wrote.

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