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Morning Digest: Trump's Favourite Enters The Pennsylvania Senate Race, However Will He Earn His Blessings Once more?

That refusal has now, of course, become a prerequisite for remaining a member of today's GOP, so Parnell's sticking to the party line may no longer make him very different in Trump's eyes. And like many other Republicans who were once suspicious of Trump, comments Parnell made during the 2016 presidential contest could come back to haunt him: Wealthy businessman Jeff Bartos, who is also aiming for the GOP nod, was quick to run digital ads , in which he attacked Parnell for saying, "Trump needs to free his taxes. It's an avoidable security breach."

Campaign action

Whatever happens in the Senate primary, Parnell's decision will disappoint the NRCC recruiters who would have preferred to run for the house again. The forecast for the Pennsylvania congressional map is uncertain, however, as the state is both losing a seat and the Pittsburgh area, where the 17th district is located, has lost population. These factors likely explain why Lamb himself is considering a Senate offer of his own, as his district will likely need to expand into more conservative rural and suburban areas.


FL Sen: Democratic MP Stephanie Murphy, who has been considering a challenge for Republican Senator Marco Rubio, will reportedly make an offer early next month, including unnamed "people familiar with the matter" who have spoken to Axios.

Oh-Sen: A "close associate" of venture capitalist J.D. Vance tells insider He has formed an exploratory committee for a possible Senate offer. Vance had previously confirmed that he was considering joining the GOP field for that vacant spot.

Vance's co-worker believes he will likely take part in the race and says it will take an "act of God" to keep him out of the competition. That source added that an announcement from Vance himself could come as early as this summer.


CA-Gov: Former Trump adviser Richard Grenell, concerned about his interest in the likely recall election of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, has finally confirmed he is considering an offer. Grenell says he will wait "until around August or September" to make a decision. If it is confirmed for the vote, the recall is expected to take place in November.

FL-Gov: The Florida Chamber of Commerce, which has loudly endorsed Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, released a poll on next year's gubernatorial race which, unsurprisingly, shows the incumbent leading several actual and hypothetical Democratic opponents.

The poll by GOP firm Cherry Communications shows that DeSanti's senior MP Charlie Crist, the only Democrat to start an offer, is 51-41. The poll also found Desantis rose 51-39 against Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried and 53-38 against Rep. Val Demings.

While Fried isn't running right now, that may change soon as she tweeted on Wednesday that an announcement is slated for June 1st.

NY-Gov: Republican MP Elise Stefanik says she won't run for governor next year if she is elected the next GOP conference chair after Liz Cheney's fall for telling the truth about the 2020 elections. A vote to replace Cheney as third-placed party leader is scheduled for Friday, and Stefanik is currently the only candidate looking for the post. However, Texas Rep. Chip Roy said Wednesday that he was considering an offer himself.

VA Gov: Clean Virginia, an environmental group that supports Democrat Jennifer Carroll Foy and donated large amounts to her campaign, is now running a television advertising campaign for her. The organization's new spot praises Carroll Foy for advocating laws requiring Dominion Energy, the state's mammoth energy producer, to clean up the ashes that have tainted groundwater. There's no word on the size of the Clean Virginia purchase, but the group and their founder's wife have donated $ 1.1 million direct to Carroll Foy's campaign to date.


Anchorage, AK Mayor: Democrat Forrest Dunbar has 114 votes ahead of Conservative Dave Bronson with 72,000 ballot papers tabulated for Tuesday's officially impartial general election, with thousands of votes remaining. However, no one knows how many domestic ballots stamped by May 21st must arrive by May 21st, while foreign ballot papers can be received by May 25th. The Anchorage Assembly is also supposed to certify the results that day.

New York City, NY Mayor: In her first TV commercial for the Democratic Elementary School on June 22nd, Attorney Maya Wiley speaks about the adversity she has overcome in her life. Wiley tells the audience, "I was 9 years old when I saw my father die and it devastated me. But I was inspired by his life and passion for equality." She continues talking about her work at the ACLU and the NAACP before promising to "work my tail off to save a generation of children from the trauma of crime and injustice, transform the police force, and rebuild our economy for all New Yorkers." ".

Omaha, NE Mayor: Republican incumbent Jean Stothert defeated their Democratic opponent, developer R.J. Neary, on a landslide of 67:33 in the officially impartial parliamentary elections on Tuesday. Having won a third term, Stothert Omahas has been the longest serving mayor for almost a century.

Mayor of Seattle, WA: The businessman Art Langlie, a self-described independent, announced this week that he would apply for this vacancy. The candidate's grandfather and namesake, Arthur Langlie, was Seattle's Mayor from 1938 to 1941 before being elected governor as a Republican.


District Attorney of Manhattan, NY: Color of Change has announced it will spend $ 1 million on mailers and voting in support of former federal attorney Alvin Bragg, who will be the only black candidate to participate in the Democratic eight-way primary on June 22nd.

Other races

VA-AG: Del. Jay Jones received confirmation from Rep. Bobby Scott, the longest-serving member of the Virginia congressional delegation, on the Wednesday before the June 8 Democratic primary. Scott, along with Governor Ralph Northam and MP Elaine Luria, who represents a neighboring seat in Hampton Roads, supports Jones' intra-party bid against incumbent Mark Herring.

VA-LG: The Virginia Republicans finished voting Tuesday for the weekend party conference, and the former Del. Winsome Sears received the nomination for this open space. Sears, who would be the first black woman elected nationwide, led another former delegate, Tim Hugo, 32-22 in the first round of this runoff contest, and she defeated him in the fifth and final round 54-46 . The Democrats will vote for their candidate in a traditional state elementary school on June 8th.

Sears was elected to her only term in the State House in 2001, but two years later she did not seek re-election. She instead challenged 3rd District Democratic MP Bobby Scott, but lost her fight between 69 and 31 in 2004. Sears did not reappear in the political scene until 2018 when she ran an unsuccessful enrollment campaign against Corey Stewart in the U.S. primary Senate and then took over the presidency of the pro-Trump Black Americans to re-elect the president. Running her latest campaign as a passionate Conservative, Sears drew attention to herself with an ad that featured an assault rifle in her hand.

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