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Biden offers GOP a shock and tells them that they really have to fulfill tips to remain within the sport

Scratch that, they have another idea.


NEW: Republicans found a tax hike they love – a tax on working people.

Instead of taxing the ultra-rich, Republicans want to pay for the infrastructure with a gas tax, usage fees and toll roads. These are taxes that hit the poor and the middle class disproportionately.

– More Perfect Union (@MorePerfectUS) May 14, 2021

Yes, Republicans want to pay to rebuild the infrastructure by making the poor slackers who have to drive to work every day pay more: user fees, toll roads, gas taxes. This affects people with low and middle incomes disproportionately and they already have higher transport costs in relation to their income.

Amazingly, some Democrats are done with it, like Mark Warner of Virginia, who is also the second richest Senator after Mitt Romney. "User fees have to be part of the mix," he told Axios this week. Bad look, senator. As Kerry Eleveld says, "That's about the stupidest position Democrats could take on the 2022 message."

Fortunately, there are less well-heeled Democrats who make him up. Like President Biden. Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, reiterated on Friday that there are no usage fees on the table for Biden. He will not break his promise not to levy taxes on people who earn less than $ 400,000.

That some Senate Democrats (like Kyrsten Sinema and Tom Carper) also raise usage fees, as if that would result in Republicans automatically choosing to play nice and vote for the bill – ridiculous but deeply disheartening at the same time. There shouldn't be so many gullible Democrats left, not after all these years with Mitch McConnell as Republican leader.

Given how many Republicans out there took responsibility for the good things in Biden's COVID-19 relief bill when they voted unanimously against, Democrats should get the lesson. Republicans will only stay in the negotiations to weaken the bill. They will accept the offered bribes for special projects in their districts and states that are included in the bill, and then 99%, if not 100%, of them will vote against, forcing the Democrats to do as much as possible with budget balancing and to pass a simple majority vote.

Then the Republicans will run home, reprimanding Biden and the Democrats for not being bipartisan, while also paying tribute to the great projects that are about to take place. Because they do.

Biden needs to take the same approach with these Democrats as he does with Republicans: keep them on a short leash and give them homework. A good job to do would be to exercise news discipline and prevent them from going public and saying things like, "I wish the president hadn't taken usage fees off the table, regardless of gas tax or kilometers traveled. I think usage fees make sense. "

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