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Information Roundup: The (plural) illegals of the Republicans are being investigated. Biden plans stay common

It's friday here! Today we got more news on what is going on with the numerous legal investigations into the highly illegal activities of Republicans across the country. Marjorie Taylor Greene lies and says she is not a liar. further arrests on January 6; and thousands of working immigrants see new hope for citizenship.

Here are some of the stories of the day:

Cases against Gaetz, Giuliani and Boebert seem to be moving slowly, but they are still moving
Marine arrested on active duty and charged on Jan. 6. Pro-Trump uprising in the US Capitol
GOP is proposing a middle class tax hike to fund Biden's hugely popular job plan – it's a political gift
The video, which has since been deleted, shows the creepy Marjorie Taylor Greene harassing AOC and employees (again).
The Republicans of the House make their choice: the big lie trumps the constitution
Hispanic Caucus is advocating a bill to put undocumented key workers on the path to citizenship
Biden won a majority of Minnesota Senate counties, but the Democrats couldn't flip the chamber in 2020

And from the Daily Kos Community:

BUSTED: Sean Hannity caught maliciously editing a video to attack Biden
AZ-Sen: In a new poll, Senator Mark Kelly (D) has beaten all potential GOP opponents by 9 to 14 points

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