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Republicans spend time attacking with face masks on. Robust. I'll put on what the hell I need


"Take off those masks!" Senator Wicker called to reporters at the carriage entrance. When asked about the Infra talks with Biden, he said: "We're going somewhere."

– Alan He (@alanhe) May 13, 2021

There are some who feel like I do:


You can pry my mask off my cold, dead face. You are dirty. I don't want to breathe near you.

– Mx. Amadi (@amaditalks) May 13, 2021

Others (Republican Senators) who do not:


Sens. Joni Ernst and Susan Collins remove their masks and shout "Freedom" as they get off the elevator on the second floor following the CDC instructions on wearing inner masks.

– Alex Bolton (@alexanderbolton) May 13, 2021

I am now fully vaccinated. But I'm not giving up the mask. We are sorry. I like it now. I've had the flu vaccine every year for years. But 2020 was the first year I didn't even catch a cold. Nothing. It was the first year when I walked into the men's room I actually watched people wash their damn hands. I want to make this clear: prior to 2019 when I was traveling, at least half (in my anecdotal evidence only) of men in public toilets simply went out to make sure there was no chance they would wash their hands if someone else present would be another sink.

I've seen it all my life. COVID-19 was horrific, but I was also able to see progress on things I had long wanted, like doors in a Quiktrip bathroom with a floor handle so I could open a door with my foot.

Republicans believe they have a profitable problem by apparently suggesting that people who continue to wear masks cause harm to the country. The last time I checked was that we were doing absolutely nothing wrong. Nothing. Period. Not a damn thing.

It is my health. It is my fashion. It is my body. It is my decision. If I choose to wear masks that say "Fire Tucker Carlson," I can do that. Damn it, I could do just that tomorrow. They can complain about anything they want but the last time I checked I have the right to tell them to go pounds of sand.

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