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Information Abstract: Supreme Courtroom threatens abortion rights once more; The brand new program for folks begins in July

On today's news: the Supreme Court takes up a case that may severely restrict the right to abortion. The Biden government has announced that monthly relief visits for American parents will begin in July. After losing the November election, Trump called for a large-scale withdrawal of US troops abroad.

Here are some things you may have missed:

• The Supreme Court takes Mississippi Abortion Act and prepares the conditions for Roe v. Overturning calf

• Rep. Clyde said "tourists" had invaded the Capitol, but pictures show his reaction that day was different

• The administration announces that the monthly checks for the parents will start on July 15th. Thank you Democrats!

• Trump called for massive military withdrawals within days of losing the election

• "Biden is not a good villain," say Republicans as they equip their 2022 attack ads

From the community:

• More white privileges at work: CO Insurrectionist violates NO GUN order by shooting Mt Lion

• Discovery owes the nation an apology for helping the Duggars deceive that nation

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