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Andrew Giuliani: I’m certified to be the governor of New York as a result of I’ve been in politics since I used to be three

Rudy Giuliani has spent the last year humiliating himself. First, there was an embarrassing appearance in the latest Borat movie. Then the unheard of election press conferences, one outside a sex shop in Pennsylvania. The year culminated in the FBI raiding his Manhattan apartment.

One would think this would be a good time for members of the Giuliani family to calm down. However, son Andrew does exactly the opposite. He recently announced that he would run for governor of New York City.

His lack of experience is a problem. Giuliani has only played a role based on nepotism in the Trump administration. Rudy's son tried to explain his qualifications to Martha MacCallum of Fox News on Wednesday.

"The truth is from an experiential perspective, I may be 35 years old, but you need to remember that I spent 32 years, parts of 32 years, in politics and in government, ”he claimed. "I'm the only announced candidate who has spent parts of five decades in politics. I may look young, but I feel a lot older."

Giuliani listed his accomplishments and went on: “Me We worked for four years in the Trump White House in the public relations office, where the private sector led the way on important programs like the paycheck protection program, CARES law, and all sorts of things that made sure we were private and the business is leading the way . "

Giuliani is sure to have an uphill battle to win the Republican nomination. His two opponents are Lee Zeldin, a perennial Congressman, and Rob Astorino, the 2014 Republican candidate.

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