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Mother and father of one other 54 separated kids have been discovered, whereas the seek for lots of of others continues

This marks the first trial in an ongoing lawsuit over the previous administration's policy since a number of parents returned to the United States on humanitarian parole earlier this month. Among the families reunited through the tireless work of lawyers like Al Otro Lado and the permission of the Biden administration were Sandra Ortíz and her son Bryan Chávez, who were reunited after more than three years.

"Ortíz, 48, from central Mexico, packed her bag days ago: three outfits, a pair of shoes and the birth certificate of her son, whom she had not seen since they were separated at the border in 2017 when it was fifteen," The Washington Post reported at the time. "He's almost 19."

“Today, after more than three agonizing years of separation, our client Sandra is holding her son Bryan in her arms again,” says Al Otro Lado tweeted after family reunification. "That moment was a testament to the resilience + determination of a parent who only asked for safety for themselves + their children." In another hopeful sign for separated parents and their children, said Alejandro Mayorkas, Minister of Homeland Security that entire families, including siblings of children separated under the Directive, may be eligible for reunification in the United States.

In an interview Mayorkas said: 'We are very focused on ensuring stability the reunited familiesand not just for them, but for the family as a unit, ”reported NBC News earlier this month.

Proponents continue the arduous work of tracing hundreds of other parents who were quickly deported by the previous government but have not yet been found. You said in this latest court record that the parents of 227 children have still not been found because of these cruel deportations. Another's Parents "100 are somewhere in the US and 14 have no contact information, ”the NBC News report continued.

Democratic lawmakers recently introduced laws that would reunite separated families in the US and put them on a path to citizenship supported by organizations like Children in need of defense. The group tweeted that, along with partners Justice In Motion, the Women's Refugee Commission and Paul Weiss LLP, “they continue to discover that parents are forcibly separated from their children. While we are working to find more parents, the administrator has to bring back the 227 deported parents. These children belong to their parents.

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