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Cops lie. Look no additional than the primary press launch following George Floyd's demise for proof

In another tweet he added: "I've found cases where the police:

– Vaguely quoted “medical emergencies” without disclosure by officials caused the emergencies through the use of force.

– Civilians falsely alleged to be armed

– falsely claiming they overdosed – obviously misrepresenting the civilian's actions prior to the murder "

In one case reported by Levin, 23-year-old Dujuan Armstrong died in Santa Rita Prison in what the Almeda County Sheriff called a "drug overdose" after a spokesman said Armstrong acted "bizarre".

"Body cam footage showed MPs strapped Armstrong into a full body restraint jacket and placed a spit mask over his head while transporting him to jail, ”Levin tweeted. “The coroner found that Armstrong died of suffocation due to the tight restraint and hood. There was no overdose. "


"It was so horrible, it was nothing but a lie," said Barbara Doss, Armstrong's mother. She said authorities gave her little information other than an overdose in the days following her son's death. “They knew they were wrong. They tried to cover up what they did. “

– Sam Levin (@SamTLevin) May 19, 2021

In one case in San Mateo, the sheriff's office accused 36-year-old Chinedu Okobi of "running in and out of traffic" and "immediately" attacking the deputy who tried to contact him. "The suspect was also taken to the hospital where he was. He later learned that he had died," a sheriff representative said in a media statement. Okobi was on the SIDEWALK when an officer approached to stop him claiming he was jaywalked and then Okobi took to the street, away from the police. "Levin tweeted." A group of officers tried to hold him down + Tased him repeatedly, causing him to fall and scream in pain. "

Levin added: "When a police officer hit Okobi with his baton, Okobi swung him back. There was no "immediate attack". The coroner ruled Okobi's death was a murder, quoted the taser shocks, and was withheld. The first press release did not mention tasers, nor did any initial news release. "

Ebele Okobi, the victim's sister, told Levin that officials used a picture of a brother as a "wild, aggressive person whom they had no choice but to kill" and "because he is dead he cannot speak for himself .." You kill the person twice, "she said." The police killed him and then their testimony kills his reputation. "


“You kill the person twice. The police killed him + then their testimony kills his reputation. “-Ebele Okobi, sister. “They painted a picture of my brother as a wild, aggressive person whom they had no choice but to kill. And because he's dead, he can't speak for himself. "

– Sam Levin (@SamTLevin) May 19, 2021

Vallejo police accused 20-year-old Angel Ramos of being armed with a knife when they shot him for assaulting a minor. Levin tweeted: "No knife was found near Angel. In addition, two officers said they did not see him with a knife. Two paramedics said they did not see a knife near his body. And the teenage victim told the police and later testified that Angel didn't have a knife. "


No knife was found near Angel. In addition, two officers said they did not see him with a knife. Two paramedics said they did not see a knife near his body. And the teenage victim told the police and later testified that Angel didn't have a knife.

– Sam Levin (@SamTLevin) May 19, 2021

Take a look at how the police originally described the Floyd murder:

Man dies after a medical incident during police interaction

May 25, 2020 (MINNEAPOLIS) Just after 8:00 p.m. on Monday evening, Minneapolis Police Department officials responded to the 3700 block of Chicago Avenue South with a report of an ongoing forgery. Officials were told that the suspect was sitting in a blue car and appeared to be under the influence.

Two officers came and located the suspect, a man in his forties, in his car. He was ordered to get out of his car. After he got out, he physically resisted the officers. The officers were able to handcuff the suspect and found that he appeared to be suffering from medical distress. Officers called for an ambulance. He was taken by ambulance to Hennepin County Medical Center, where he died a short time later.

At no point were weapons of any kind used by anyone involved in this incident.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension was called in to investigate this incident at the request of the Minneapolis Police Department.

No officers were injured in the incident.

Body-worn cameras were turned on and activated during this incident.

The GO number assigned to this case is 20-140629.

If you can take it, check out what the footage from the full body camera shows:

Chris Vanderveen, director of reporting at 9News Denver, affiliated with NBC, tweeted on April 20 that his news team had found more than 100 cases similar to George Floyd's as the victims died undercover on the spot. "Very few got little more than local coverage," he said. More than two-thirds of the victims in the cases covered by 9News were black or Hispanic, and most were mentally ill, the news network reported.

They died despite a 1995 Justice Department directive that said, "Once the suspect is handcuffed, take him off his stomach … In a recent analysis of deaths in custody, we found evidence that unexplained deaths in custody are caused more frequently than is generally known from a little-known phenomenon called positional asphyxia. A person lying on their stomach has difficulty breathing when pressure is applied to their back, ”wrote the authors of the Justice Department report.

Jack Ryan, a national law enforcement officer and former police officer, told 9News that there really was no disadvantage in handcuffing a suspect from the prone position. "I said in training that we should print it on the tip of the police car's dashboard or maybe have it tattooed on the back of people's hands: 'Get off them and put them in a position that makes it easier to breathe," the training officer said "This is important stuff."

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