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Group Highlight: The Every day Bucket promotes the group amongst citizen scientists and buddies alike

Appywho regularly writes for her Bucket, agrees that, while the group is naturally based, the personal connections in comment threads have solidified a distant selection of people into "one big, happy, growing family." Appy adds that for them the group has "rekindled interest in photography. My progress in this craft has been frustrating and fulfilling, enhanced by the ability to share struggles and successes in the comfort of our group. I am very grateful for that." Friendship, inspiration, knowledge, and advice given by other members. I do what I can to do the same for others. "Appy's most recent The Daily Bucket story, Scissortails in flight, is a testament to photographic ability, and the comments reflect the group's far-reaching, but always supportive, interests, as does the story of RonK highlighted below.

"The writers and commentators have become my friends, more than many of my personal acquaintances. I would love to meet some of our members in person, but I feel like I know them very well from the photos and thoughts we have shared here , "wrote lost in the ozarkswho started reading Daily Kos for Politics but found a niche here when she realized "that this was not just a political place, but that there was a real love for nature and the environment."

This love for nature and the environment connects the personal with the political for OceanDiver, who says: "Every now and then someone will comment Daily bucket Asking why we post about nature on a political blog. In addition to sharing the joy and beauty of the natural world, this plays an important political role. Our main purpose is to share observations of phenology, i.e. the timing and extent of things like flowering, migration, precipitation. Most people have noticed that global climate change is changing the “normal” in nature right before our eyes. Documenting the changes is valuable, and as Mark Sumner discovered 10 years ago when starting the Backyard Science Community group, anyone can do it. Indeed, the granular data generated by citizen scientists cannot be duplicated by professional scientists. In addition, the more people pay attention to nature, the more likely they are to do the work necessary to contain the destructive human activity that threatens them. This work encompasses both political action and personal lifestyle choices. Nature and wildlife need all the lawyers they can get in our human-centered world. "

Clever observation – natural, political, and artistic – is reflected in this week's eight stories saved. Community Spotlight's Rescue Rangers read every story published by community writers. When we read great works that don't get the attention they deserve, we save ours Group blog and post a weekly collection – like this one – every Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Pacific time. We look at one author's Community participation to see if they comment on their own stories and comment on or recommend other stories. Since new members may not realize that a community exists here, we don't expect new people to have the same level of involvement that we seek from more experienced members. Our rescue priorities and actions were outlined in a previous issue: Community Spotlight: Saving your excellent stories for over 14 years.

Eight Saved Stories from 1:00 p.m. PDT FRIDAY, MAY 14 TO 1:00 PM PDT FRIDAY, MAY 21, 2021

"I was never there for the money because there really wasn't any. I did it because I love playing music and the feeling of coming out and playing it live for others. Still, when you are being exploited in situations like this . " a way that brings it to you, "writes Plunky Bluester in the Pay to play. The San Francisco area musician notes that raising the minimum wage is a great thing, but there is one job that would make a huge increase in $ 7.25 an hour: live music. He explains the economic pressures and the length of time the venue owners have changed their hired talent on short notice. "Those (clubs) that still exist now assume that musicians are a commodity that should offer themselves and their talent for little to no compensation." This peek behind the stage door shows that the chances of making a living as a musician are slim and the gap between bankrupt and millionaire is large. This is Plunky Bluester's first story for Daily Kos and First Rescue.

Michelewln stimulates interest in the hero of the 1920s Charlie Chan detective novels in Street Prophets Sunday Coffee Hour: The Charlie Chan Secrets of Earl Derr Biggers. The novels' detective Chan is not the same as the character in the later films, and both cut in some ways against anti-Asian stereotypes while succumbing to them in others. Despite his respect for Chinese culture, she writes, "Biggers also shows strong prejudice against the Japanese" as well as other dated aspects that reflect popular culture a century ago. Each of the six novels also includes a murder, a love interest, a wise detective, and a rich tapestry of human nature. Michelewln wrote 1,536 stories, 1007 of them for street prophets.

Daily bucketeer RonK Tours Bellingham Bay in The Daily Bucket: Seafood in Bellingham Bay with the seagulls. RonK's observations, examining three species of "somewhat dramatic" gulls and their feeding habits, reveal the diversity of wildlife and landscape in Bellingham Bay on the eastern edge of the Salish Sea in the Pacific Northwest. Glaucus-winged gulls, he writes, "are omnivores and large scavengers that feed on premium seafood (oysters, clams, and clams) and scraps from landfills, bins and everything in between. One of their favorite feeding routines is this." Hang out and drive along the beach. When they see a tasty clam or oyster, they flutter down and grab it. "Bonaparte's seagulls are now" fast and agile and remind me of little torpedoes that bomb around. When fishing, they fly over the water and when they spot a fish they quickly hit the water and are up and away. "Caspian terns are literal dive bombers:" When they spot a fish they slow down and hover for a few seconds. And then they dive. You hit the water directly, do the math first, the rest follows. They go down all the way, and then come up and away. "What they all have in common: a love of seafood. RonK has written 99 stories, most of them for Backyard science and the Daily bucket. This is his 39th salvation.

Can the righteous accept poorly received money for charity, and if so, how should it be spent? That is the question Tzivia L. tackles The happy nut monument John, This takes its name from a creative rabbinical solution after receiving a donation from a repentant sex worker. The question is relevant for today as organizations and individuals whose ethics, activities and political activities are obnoxious – think the Kochs, the Sacklers, even Alfred Nobel – still want to make a contribution to charities, the arts and culture. Can Ethical People Accept Bad Money? "There are two problems: whose money do we accept and who do we publicly honor?" Tzivia L separates these two questions and addresses them separately in her 118th story. This is her 22nd salvation.

Pwoodford visits the Pima Aerospace Museum in Air-Minded: PASM Photoblog XXI, a photo-rich portrait of a museum still on a COVID-19 basis with a skeletal staff, closed snack bar and masks, which doesn't detract from Pwoodford's pleasure in showing off the museum's new exhibits. "The Space Gallery has been extensively remodeled, and not everything inside is exo-atmospheric. Check out the Black Hawk and that weird little Army Snowgoose drone that uses a parasail as a wing and launches from a speeding Humvee. The DeHavilland Australia Drover is an interesting addition, a three-engine from the 1950s that is still in service Down Under. "Additionally, the author shares pictures of rare aircraft in various stages of restoration and looks forward to seeing them all are airworthy and issued. Pwoodford, himself a fighter pilot, has written 399 stories, 71 of which were saved.

in the The metamorphosis is almost complete: The GOP, mass psychosis & menticide, Novapsyche explains that "mass psychosis" is synonymous with a totalitarian mindset and also synonymous with "menticide", which is also referred to as brainwashing: "Totalitarianism as a system is a system in which the masses suffer a widespread (ie shared) psychosis and one suffer corresponding menticide, a condition that enables the minority party in power to consolidate its power base. "This phenomenon goes beyond the cult behavior that the GOP has developed in recent years. Indeed, she claims that this process of mass psychosis evidenced by the punishment of dissidents against the common lies, including the rejection of the January 6 uprising and the belief that Trump secretly won the 2020 election – all obvious deviations of reality – is "A unique danger, because at least here in America we have never seen anything like it here. We have to be particularly vigilant because we do not know the whereabouts of the landmines." Novapsyche has been a member of Daily Kos since 2006 and has published 24 stories.

Bookgirl celebrates May as a short story month with a smorgasbord of fictional delicacies Contemporary Fiction Views: Be Brief. She writes: "One of the great joys of reading is breathing in a well-crafted short story." The subject can vary, as can the characters, the subject, and the depth, but a good short story offers a lot: "The opportunity to read one of these stories, put the book down and remember it for hours is an opportunity too enriching to miss. "As a proud teacher and public school librarian, Bookgirl has written 263 stories, most of them for her series Contemporary fictional views. This is her 99th salvation.

MindMatter & # 39; s provocative story, Jen Psaki should go is a counter-intuitive view of President Joe Biden's press secretary. Psaki follows a formula in dealing with the opposing press: prepare for the encounter, anticipate the ridiculous, question the questioner's premise, and turn a stupid question into a meaningful discussion. "She just smiles and follows this four-step process and the right … (has) nothing. And they will never have anything because they just deal with platitudes, slogans, falsehoods, innuendos and statements out of context, ending state relevant facts any of these discussions. "MindMatter has strong recommendations for Psaki's Second Act of Government and recommendations that turn the premise of the title on its head. You have been with Daily Kos since 2016 and have published 55 articles.

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