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Ford's new electrical truck is an effective factor. However the concept of ​​destroying Tesla is delusional

Personally, I don't care how people drive or what it looks like as long as it doesn't emit greenhouse gases and other pollutants. And as long as we move fast to make sure that the batteries of all these electric vehicles are being charged with renewable energy. Ford, Tesla, VW, Geely, Volvo. Makes no difference to me. Different strokes for different people, I say, as long as there are no pistons in it. Government policies spurring the EV revolution should address these diverse strokes.

My own car is a 2008 Prius with 77,000 miles and it still runs great and barely added many miles per year even before the pandemic. At my age I will never buy a car again. And for the record, I don't own any shares in an electric vehicle or any other auto company. Still, I hope these companies will quickly flood the vehicle market with electrics because we need to close the hydrocarbon spigot as soon as possible. This means simultaneously accelerating the nation's conversion from fossil fuels with the speed with which these EV companies are promoting their car's 0-60 mile stats. The climate crisis doesn't ask for anything less. (Which, of course, doesn't mean that electric vehicles and a fully renewable grid are the whole answer to this crisis.)

Now that they have finally ended their years of resistance, we should welcome the move by Ford and GM to build only electric vehicles in the near future. But the avalanche of people who seem to believe these companies will eat Tesla's lunch is betting that it will be the only American or European-based automaker to sell a million electric vehicles THESE Year – will work now that the big boys have arrived. The supposed wisdom is that Tesla is being knocked down because the foot-dragging old automakers are upset about something they didn't want to do in the first place but now have no choice over whether to survive. In all fairness, it's this view of dominance, not the CyberTruck, that makes the joke.

By this point in 2023, two years from now, Ford MAYBE will have made 200,000 electric Mustangs and F-150s together (and I'm being generous). In the same two years, Tesla will have manufactured maybe 2.5 million, or – given the structure of its factories – 3 million of its various models, an average of 1.5 million per year over TWO years. How long do you think it will be before Ford produces a million electric vehicles a year? Likewise GM? Ford won't make its own batteries until 2025. This will limit production as external battery manufacturers are already working at maximum production.

I'm far from agreeing with what some Tesla fans scoff about that Ford is going to go bankrupt. But with their late start, both Ford and GM have a lot of catching up to do, not just at Tesla, but also at Chinese EV manufacturers. Otherwise, in 30 years' time, they will be as rarely discussed as Studebaker is today.

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