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Fred Guttenberg: "The GOP has checked out of presidency"

Gun control attorney Fred Guttenberg, the father of Jamie Guttenberg, who died in the 2018 mass shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, said the Republican Party had "left the government".

"My current frustration is with those in Washington, DC who continue to observe this and take no action," he said after a weekend in which gun violence has increased in several states.

Guttenberg said the Trump administration "started a gun surge through Covid and when we get out of Covid we have all these new gun owners and all these new guns."

"You said guns are the solution. Here is my advice to anyone who wants to put an end to this. Now take in everyone you know in the gun security movement and see what we can do," he said. "The Republican Party … they have checked out of the government. They don't want to help stop gun violence. They don't want to help save lives. It's time for the Democratic Party to stand up alone. We have to do that. This will will continue to happen if we don't change what we do. "

You can see Guttenberg's interview in the video below.

Here is the full interview on gun violence from this morning with @brikeilarcnn on @NewDay. Please see the full coverage and interview. Then, together with me, demand that the Senate take action NOW !!! Our children are dying and we shouldn't wait.

– Fred Guttenberg (@fred_guttenberg) May 24, 2021

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