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Robert Kennedy Jr. is bustling with the Nazis, and the lawsuit in opposition to Every day Kos will make that no much less true

The community story in question is this: “Anti-Vaxxer RFK JR. joins neo-Nazis in a massive anti-corona protest in Berlin ”by DowneastDem. The story was a translation of a German-language message about the event.

The protest was organized by right-wing extremist organizations, including the AfD party and various anti-Semitic conspiracy groups, as well as the neo-Nazi NPD party.

Among the speakers was Robert F. Kennedy Jr... who warned of Angela Merkel's "totalitarianism".

“He sounded the alarm about the 5G cellular network and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Referring to the famous Berlin speech of his uncle JFK, he said: "Today Berlin is again the front against totalitarianism."

The protesters carried a poster that read "Trump, Please Help" with the QAnon logo.

Kennedy brought us to the attention of his attorneys and asked them to identify information about DowneastDem. Under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, he cannot sue Daily Kos – the website itself – for defamation. We are protected by the so-called safe harbor. He is therefore asking that we disclose what we know about DowneastDem so that they can sue him or her directly.

Kennedy justified his legal attack with it The community story (what we still refer to as "diaries" in these parts!) Of calling organizers "far-right organizations" is defamatory, and the specific group that invited him to speak is the lateral thinking movement , is “broad-based”, peaceful citizens' movement for freedom, peace and human rights. " He claims that it "strongly rejects National Socialism, anti-Semitism and all extremist forces". As a result, he concludes that the article's allegations were wholly false and that (t) the fact that the flawed nature of Daily Kos' inflammatory "false news" was so easily identifiable confirms the journal's malevolent intent. Daily Kos tarred Kennedy with Nazism and anti-Semitism and made two of the three most damaging accusations anyone can make against a public figure. "

Now there are two different frames in which this attack can be viewed: the first is Kennedy's attack on the First Amendment and the effort to silence a critic, even one as small as a pseudonymous community writer at Daily Kos. The second is that Facts The thing. In other words, there are two ways to do this: What does it do? Law say and what is it truth The thing? We will tackle both.

Let's start with the law. Since he is a public figure, the legal standard for defamation is "actual malice," which is further defined in The New York Times versus Sullivan as "with the knowledge that it was wrong or with ruthless disregard" for the truth.

Remember, DowneastDem was essentially translated a local newspaper account, The daily mirror. This literally destroys any "actual malicious" argument on his face, no matter how much Kennedy tries to assert "malicious intent". (His choice of these words was obviously legally significant.) And note that it was not only this newspaper that reported on the rally organized and attended by the Nazis. Here is The New York Times::

Last weekend around 38,000 demonstrators poured into the German capital from all over the country, the largest number since the marches began in April. It was a diverse crowd. There was Anti-Vaxxer like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., anti-capitalists, esotericists, ordinary citizens who are angry about having to wear face masks – but also around 3,000 members of the right-wing extremist scene.

CBS News::

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew of former US President John F. Kennedy, speaks to people from a wide spectrum, including coronavirus skeptics, conspiracy enthusiasts, right-wing extremists, religious conservatives, hippies and others who are under the Victory Column in the United States have gathered downtown to hear speeches during a protest against coronavirus-related restrictions and government policies on August 29, 2020 in Berlin.

This CBS article also features pictures of people in the crowd wearing and wearing pro-Trump, pro-Q, and white supremacist extremist symbols and messages. This Irish Times article Remarks"A remarkable number of neo-Nazis, armed with historical imperial flags and other extremist accessories, mingled with the crowd." In their pleadings, Kennedy's lawyers try to distinguish between the protest at the Victory Column, where Kennedy spoke, and a gathering of neo-Nazi demonstrators in the Reichstag (parliament) a few kilometers away, but as the same story states: “The main demonstration came to an end . A small group of extremists waving historical Reich flags gathered unofficially at the Reichstag. “In other words, they were not simultaneous, separate events.

In addition, the court order that allows protests to continue after a government ban required "The design of the stage area … must be set up in such a way that no people are concentrated." A separation between groups of people did not indicate separate events, but the same event with a separation between coronavirus and protocol. In the meantime, the racist AfD party agitated against the minister, who originally banned the protest: “If he has any decency, he must now resign. The basic law must not be undermined by power-obsessed politicians of the old party. "This shows again how lateral thinking and the extreme right-wing racist party of Germany worked in droves.

Our Answer short There are many more examples of media coverage as literally dozens of media organizations covered the event in the same way – anti-Vaxxer Kennedy spoke at an event organized and attended by extremists. Why isn't he suing? those Media saying the exact same thing DowneastDem wrote? What cowardly nonsense is that?

Recall, Kennedy contends that "(t) the fact that the flawed nature of the Daily Kos inflammatory" false news "was so readily apparent …" that the story was defamatory. But this characterization literally contradicts it everyone's Coverage of the news. There is literally nothing in the coverage of the event to suggest any “false news” indication. Rather, it is obvious that Kennedy uses this phrase in the same way as Donald Trump does: to refute the reality we see before our eyes.

As such, this case fails even the most cursory examination of the first change and is so frivolous, in fact, that it deserves a financial penalty New York's anti-SLAPP lawThis protects "defendants in lawsuits based on the exercise of freedom of expression and greatly increases the risk for potential plaintiffs making defamation and other language-related claims in New York."

Despite the total lack of legal merit, the judge in this case is essentially decided that the defamation arguments between the author – DowneastDem – and Kennedy had to be exchanged and ordered us to disclose all identifying information, ignoring both the freedom of speech of our community members and our interest as an organization in safeguarding these rights by maintaining pseudonymity. We are about to appeal.

Remember, Kennedy is a public figure, so the standard for defamation is almost impossible to meet high. He knows that, of course – his lawyers told him so. And he's not an idiot himself. He's just pissed off at the media focus on his seedy, racist, anti-Semitic staff and takes out what he thinks is the easiest target in sight.

But these are legal arguments. Let's talk about that truth The thing. Because, according to Kennedy, two of the three most damaging accusations anyone can make against a public figure are accused of hanging out with racists and anti-Semites. Furthermore, he claims these allegations are false because the organization that sponsored his speech is the lateral thinking, "broad-based, peaceful citizens' movement for freedom, peace and human rights" and "strongly opposes Nazism, anti-Semitism and all" forces of the Extremists. "

So let's talk about thinking outside the box.

Here is the German sales point German wave, with a … clearly different picture by whom and what they are.

Meet the German COVID protest movement "Querdenker"

They act like a peace movement, but lateral thinkers are marching along the right and their protests often end in violence.

If you read this piece, you get the impression that as a movement it is certainly versatile and yet gladly accepts extremists in its ranks: “The demonstrators are a mixed group of people: some look like hippies from the 1960s and 70s. Others try to provoke by wearing a yellow star, similar to those that Jews had to wear under the Nazis. Instead of the word "Jude" (Jew), their stars have the word "unvaccinated" (not vaccinated). The stars are meant to highlight the alleged stigma imposed by the system, which protesters oppose. "Extremist parties have strong support among their members and their leadership has coordinated with other explicitly extremist groups.

The Daily Beast had its own look at the group, calling them "the weird German pro-QAnon group behind RFK Jr.'s latest anti-Vaxx stunt".

Lateral Thinking 711, whose name is loosely translated as "Thinking Outside the Box 711", had tried to invite other controversial world leaders to the rally before he landed Kennedy. On August 7, the group's Twitter account became tweeted in the case of Donald Trump, he called him "the only American president who did not start a war", although his balance sheet escalated the US foreign conflicts, and invited him warmly to "speak on the subject of" peace "." Three days later the account tweeted Russian President Vladimir Putin, who also urged him to speak about "peace in Europe", apparently ignoring Russia's intervention in eastern Ukraine.

In a final attempt to score a key speaker outside of their own ranks, the group eventually did tweeted at Kennedy and asked him to join them on the stage for "Freedom and Peace" (…)

To be very clear, Kennedy wasn't invited to give a talk until after the event Donald Trump and damn Vladimir Putin had turned them down. That … speaks volumes, doesn't it?

Voice of America took his own appearance with the rise of German extremist groups.

Last month officials in the south-west of Baden-Württemberg put the "lateral thinking 711" group on a watch list, said the state's interior ministry.

"The legitimate protest against coronavirus restrictions is increasingly giving way to a general hatred of the state and politics," Interior Minister Thomas Strobl told Reuters.

Strobl said violent right-wing actors are making false claims to incite hatred of the state, make "absurd comparisons" with the Nazis, and minimize the Holocaust.

Lateral thinking, that is, lateral thinking, arose for the first time in Stuttgart and was brought to life by IT entrepreneur Michael Ballweg. At first, it attracted an amorphous selection of anti-establishment supporters. But violent right-wing extremist elements seem to be more pronounced in the group, which has increasingly subscribed to the idea that the modern German state is illegitimate.

Meanwhile, the BBC reports The "anti-lockdown" demonstrations by "Querdenker" were supported by a large number of groups, including the far-right AfD party, anti-Vaxxers and conspiracy theorists. The BfV (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) said the agenda of the protest organizers had gone beyond objections to measures against Covid and had joined forces with Reich citizens and self-administrators who reject the authority of the German government and spread anti-Semitic insults. "


The country's anti-Semitism commissioner, Felix Klein, told Euronews that the COVID-denying lateral thinking movement is not only represented by right-wing groups.

He discussed the issue at a press conference on Tuesday attended by Anette Kahana, chairwoman of the anti-fascist Amadeu Antonio Foundation and deputy chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) Kevin Kühnert.

"Corona protesters have an anti-Semitic narrative," says Klein. "For the first time we see groups that normally have nothing to do with each other, that are united in the protests: right-wing extremists, left-wing extremists, Islamist groups. And anti-Semitism acts as a binding agent, and that's new."

More about this increasing anti-Semitism Here. And Here. And Here.

In addition, lateral thinking works with Nazi groups of white supremacism in Germany. From the Daily Beast mentioned above items thinking outside the box (worth a full read):

At the first big protest in Berlin on August 1st, (lateral thinking founder Michael) Ballweg quoted the QAnon slogan "Wherever we go, we all go" in front of a cheering crowd. At the same time he was photographed in conversation with Nikolai Nerling, a former elementary school teacher convicted of incitement by a German court after the denial of the Holocaust in front of students at the concentration camp memorial in Dachau (…)

Ballweg also whistled his support for Reichsbürger, a movement similar to the "sovereign citizens" in the US, by calling on protesters to investigate the term "peace treaty". (Reich citizens believe that the German government is a puppet state controlled by the Allied forces, indicating the lack of an official peace contract after the Second World War).

Note: all of this happened at the event with Kennedy. If he hadn't known about the organization's racist and anti-Semitic sympathies when he showed up, it shouldn't have been hard to notice them both at the the event and as a result. Kennedy is no idiot here either. He sees it all and refuses to distance himself from this crowd because they are teaming up with his crusade against vaccines. And that's our point: Kennedy has allied himself with racists and anti-Semites, and he doesn't care. He prefers to sue people who point to a connection that is visible to all.

All of this has been highlighted in several publications, as has Kennedy you for tarnishing the good name of his racist, anti-Semitic benefactors, the same ones who only turned to him when Trump and Putin were unavailable, and who march alongside the actual Nazis? Of course not. No, he's going to DownstateDem because who the hell knows.

We like to fight to protect the pseudonymity of our community, we like to deal with this case on the law (and especially the first amendment) and we are happy to have this debate on their merits.

Kennedy spoke at an event in Berlin organized and attended by anti-Semitic Nazis and Nazi sympathizers. The facts are clear: he could have confessed ignorance and simply said that he knew no better than lateral thinking. Instead, he's dug himself into a deeper hole and spread the news further and further than ever if he'd kept his lawyers on a leash.

See: Streisand effect.

Obviously, this fight isn't cheap. So you can help us fight for the pseudonymity of this community by contribute here. I'll keep everyone posted on the litigation as it winds its way through the courts.

And if Kennedy isn't a coward, he can drop the suit on DowneastDem and be right after me as I've repeated every single charge in that one original diary. If it's a strange payday that he is aiming for, my guess is that Daily Kos and I have more assets than a random diary writer on this website.

So bring it asshole.

One more thing, Robbie or Bob or whatever people call you because you damn well deserve to be called our great President by your initials, I have a question about it: “By tarrying Kennedy with Nazism and anti-Semitism "Daily Kos has made two of the three most damaging allegations any public figure can make." What's the third allegation on this list? Because I'd like to see if you're guilty of that too.

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