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January sixth & # 39; Vacationers & # 39; deliberate to erect gallows weeks earlier than the assault on the Capitol

It turns out that this horrific scene was months in the making.

One of the most enduring – and terrifying – sights of the January 6 uprising was an actual gallows erected on the west side of the Capitol. Yesterday, People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch revealed that plans to erect the gallows were underway almost as soon as the Messiah, Lord Donald Trump, the Most Merciful, posted his now infamous call to arms on Twitter.

According to an analysis by the non-profit research group Advance Democracy, the posters from – successor to the r / The_Donald subreddit – took it as a poster within hours of Trump urging his followers to come to Washington on January 6th and "be wild" Order. A poster, CaptainChrisBacon, posted a picture asking, "Who will bring the gallows on January 6, 2021?" The picture showed the hanging of a Confederate war criminal – ironic given the number of Confederate flags displayed during the uprising.

Another poster sunlessmage743 started a thread on the details of building the gallows and said this could easily be done "with the right plan and the right people bringing pre-cut material to the site". The respondents were positively dizzy. One claimed the scene was "around 1776". When user DJT2020 suggested building a guillotine as well, user Webthing offered to build it. User jc99ta considered that a guillotine could be used to cut watermelons if not used to decapitate people.

Talk about a gallows that ruled for days.

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