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The scammer is betrayed when Gaetz and his fiancée declare they misplaced $ 155,000 on the Thirsty yacht sale

What happened? Gaetz and Luckey say it is them "Targeted by malicious actors, first domestically and now abroad." Brett Harris, the owner of the company that brokered the deal, told reporters that the boat was sold to another buyer and that deal was closed a week ago. Who to believe: the man who has not yet told a true story in his life, or someone else? Oh King Solomon, where are you when we need you? Gaetz and Luckey's statement on the incident alleges that law enforcement is actively investigating the dirty business. The FBI told news outlets that they "cannot confirm or deny the existence of an investigation and we have no further comment."

There is definitely one investigation we all know about regarding Rep. Gaetz. According to various reports, Gaetz is at the center of a sex trafficking and drug investigation. There is speculation that in addition to these allegations of moral bankruptcy, there are reports of dubious use by taxpayers and donations for the alleged illegal activities. Gaetz's decision to propose to Luckey came shortly after it became clear that Mr. Florida's best friend in the party, disgraced Republican tax collector Joel Greenberg, was bringing the state's evidence against him.

Since then, Gaetz has sought the fringes of a Republican party that is both rejected and attracted by what it has to offer. The GOP is both repulsed and attracted because moral bankruptcy, lack of political ideas, privilege of the rich, and the mediocrity it represents are all that they are – and what they are is repulsive.

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